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Force: Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators, 2nd Edition

Force: Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators, 2nd Edition
Your Price: $39.95 CDN
Author: Mike Mattesi
Publisher: Focal Press
Series: Force Drawing Series
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 228
Pub. Date: 2006
Edition: 2nd
ISBN-10: 0240808452
ISBN-13: 9780240808451
About the Book:

Capture the force in your life drawing subjects with this practical guide to dynamic drawing techniques - packed with superb, powerfully drawn examples that show you how to:

- Bring your work to life with rhythmic drawing techniques
- Create appealing and dynamic poses in your drawings
- Experience the figure's energy in three dimensional space
- Use the asymmetry of straight and curved lines to clarify the direction of force in the body
- Build on your foundational anatomy and figure drawing skills to animate your drawings
- Apply the theory of force to your on-location and animal drawing observations

Whether you are an animator, comic book artist, illustrator or fine arts' student you'll learn to use rhythm, shape, and line to bring out the life in any subject while Mike Mattesi's infectious enthusiasm will have you reaching for your pencils!

What people say:

"For animators or anyone exploring life drawing, this book is an inspirational choice." - 3D World

"Force: Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators, 2e is key to understanding how to capture forceful poses with dynamic drawing. It is informative, concise, and packed full of inspirational illustrations...Force is not just another 'anatomy for animators' book - it assumes that the reader has experience of figure drawing. The focus here is to build on that knowledge and to use straight and curved lines to show the direction of force in the body. Every point in the text is thoroughly demonstrated with the help of superb, dynamically drawn examples" - Animated News

About the Author:

Mike Mattesi is the Director of the Entertainment Art Academy based in Southern California. He has been a professional production artist and instructor for almost 20 years with clients including Disney, Marvel Comics, Hasbro Toys, ABC, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Dreamworks and Nickelodeon.

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