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The Second Circle

The Second Circle
Your Price: $29.00 CDN
Author: Patsy Rodenburg
Publisher: W.W. Norton & Company
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 228
Pub. Date: 2008
ISBN-10: 0393345904
ISBN-13: 9780393345902

About the Book:

How to Use Positive Energy for Success in Every Situation....

The world's leading voice and acting coach provides a revolutionary program to focus your energy and connect with other people.

Are you as successful as you could be? Are your good ideas appreciated? Could your sex life be more fulfilling? In this high-paced yet lonely world, Patsy Rodenburg teaches you how to communicate more effectively and intimately — at home, at work, at school, and, most importantly, with yourself. Her remarkable program transforms your negative patterns of energy into a positive presence that she calls "the second circle" — the optimal state between the first circle of introversion and self-negation and the third circle of aggression and narcissism. Containing a wealth of insights that will break the habits that constrict your real power, The Second Circle helps you deal with the debilitating and manipulative behaviours of your immediate family, friends, and colleagues while bringing out their best qualities.

Filled with easy-to-apply exercises (breathing, voice, posture), The Second Circle, in dealing with such emotional issues as loss, violation, and self-esteem, will begin a journey that will revitalize your life.

What people say:

"Patsy Rodenburg's guidance and the clarity and directness of her approach have been invaluable to me." — Ralph Fiennes, actor

"I am an enormous fan of her work. What is wonderful about her is the directness and clarity of her teaching, and her enthusiasm." — Judy Dench, actor

"Working with Patsy is a unique experience. She gives you a wondrously simple way of releasing the voice and the body — which also becomes a way of life." — Anna Massey, actor

"Patsy Rodenburg is one of the handful of people in the world who understand that the use of the voice by actors and public speakers engage the heart, the mind, and the body. There is no teacher, in my experience, who brings all these together with such wisdom and patience." — Richard Eyre, director

About the Author:

Patsy Rodenburg is Director of Voice at Royal National Theater in London and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. As a leading voice and acting coach, she works regularly with actors including Dame Judi Dench, Helen Mirren, Sir Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Mike Nichols, and Ralph Fiennes, as well as politicians and business leaders. She conducts business workshops and corporate master classes for Fortune 500 companies. She lives in London.

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