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5 Easy Pieces

5 Easy Pieces
Your Price: $17.95 CDN
Author: Jason Milligan
Publisher: Samuel French (cover image may change)
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 84
Pub. Date: 2007
ISBN-10: 0573633894
ISBN-13: 9780573633898
Cast Size: Various

About the Play:

5 Easy Pieces is a collection of five one-act plays by Jason Milligan. Various genres are covered among the five plays included, all with simple sets and easy to produce. Includes Key Lime Pie a two-scene comedy that follows the story of two sisters who frantically search to find a wedding ring before one of them is due at the alter later that day.

Originally commissioned and produced by New York's prestigious Primary Stages Company in 2002 as a response to the events of 9/11, Rituals is the heart-wrenching tale of Dave and Janie, an upwardly-mobile couple whose lives have been shattered by the death of their young son. Dave brings Pat, his therapist, to their high-rise condo – hoping that Pat can help put a stop to Janie's compulsive rituals, which Dave fears are causing her to retreat from reality. What begins as an intervention quickly escalates into a heated confrontation … and Dave realizes that rituals may actually represent a valid way to survive in the aftermath of a terrible tragedy. (Cast: 2 female, 1 male)

Originally staged in 1995 at the Egyptian Arena Theater in Hollywood, One Way Street is a darkly comic piece (reminiscent of the style of David Mamet), which takes place in the back room of a Long Island coffee shop as three cops covertly cook up the "perfect crime." Their scheming is at turns edgy, pointed and hilarious. But can they trust each other? – that's the question. What begins as a simple burglary plot escalates into a cat-and-mouse game – and finally into a dramatic confrontation, forcing each of the men to come to grips with the fact that trust is a two-way street. And, once it's broken, there's no turning back. (Cast: 3 male)

Paul's Ghost was originally presented as a staged reading at the George Street Playhouse in 1985. Late one night in an Oakland kitchen, in December of 1969, three teenage girls sift through their Beatles albums for "clues" to the supposed death of Paul McCartney. Adopting "witchy" sounding names and lighting candles to create a mystical mood, they stage their own impromptu séance. With trembling voices and a homemade Ouija board, the girls attempt to contact Paul from beyond the grave – which yields surprising results! As it turns out, an unexpected visitor brings insight and healing to at least one girl's life, restoring a fractured family in the process. (Cast: 3 female, 1 male)

The Fire-Breathing Lady and the Sugarplum Fairy was originally presented as a staged reading by the Grace Players in Hollywood at the Egyptian Arena Theatre in 1995. Gloria Bouvier is a Southern housewife and devoted (some might say demented) stage mother of great determination. As the hour draws near for the premiere of the annual elementary school production of The Nutcracker, Gloria tries every ploy she can think of in order to manipulate Jim Clark, a beleaguered schoolteacher (and the play's director) into giving her daughter a starring role in the production. In the spirit of Light up the Sky and You Can't Take it With You, this fast-paced, whimsical comedy is filled with eccentric characters, has several great roles for kids, and puts a fun-spirited, quirky spin on the holidays. (Cast: 3 female, 5 male)

Key Lime Pie leans toward slapstick comedy. It opens as Charlene, an eccentric young Southern woman, struggles to "recall" all of the key lime pies that she prepared and sold the day before during a small-town bake sale. As it turns out, the ever-irresponsible Charlene was "borrowing" Tricia (her older sister)'s wedding ring when it fell into one of the pies! The situation is further complicated by the fact that Tricia is due at the altar in less than an hour – and she wants her ring back! The two squabbling sisters embark on a frantic crusade to track down the various pies one by one – until at last their search leads them to a local hospital room, where an elderly neighbour named Archibald Stokes lies comatose – apparently due to the fact that he swallowed the ring! The girls must find a way to retrieve the ring, escape from the hospital and get Tricia to the church on time! (Cast: 3 female, 1 male)

About the Playwright:

Jason Milligan is the award-winning author of plays and original audition material. His many stage plays have been performed in numerous productions across the United States, as well as in Canada and Europe.

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