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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
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Biz Bestseller!
Author: Stephen R. Covey
Foreword by: Jim Collins
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 464
Pub. Date: 2020
Edition: 30th Anniversary
ISBN-10: 1982137274
ISBN-13: 9781982137274

About the Book:

The greatest stumbling block to getting important things accomplished is the interruption of our work time by seemingly urgent matters which are actually unimportant distractions. In what's probably the ultimate entrepreneurial management book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, author Stephen Covey describes an approach to being effective in attaining goals by aligning oneself to what he calls the "true north" principles of a character ethic that are universal and timeless. Upon closer inspection, these principles, or "habits" as he terms them, can equally apply to acting, writing, and directing. As an actor you must be able to set goals for your career. A goal can be as simple as learning a new monologue, saving up for new headshots, or a longer-term goal of becoming a series regular.

From the oval office, the board room, community halls and to the school house and family room, Stephen Covey taught the mindset, skill-set and tool-set found in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, his seminal work. His legacy is woven in the 7 habits that will definitely help you achieve sustained superior results:

Step 1. Be proactive
Step 2. Begin with the End in Mind
Step 3. Put First Things First
Step 4. Think Win-Win
Step 5. Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood
Step 6. Synergize
Step 7. Sharpen the Saw

Over his lifetime, Stephen R. Covey transformed the lives of Presidents and CEOs, actors, writers, directors, educators and parents with the power of universal principles – in short, millions of people of all ages and occupations. As he travelled the globe many times over, his message was a simple one: for true success and meaning in life, we must be principle-centered in all areas of life. A teacher at heart, he often taught: "there are three constants in life: change, choice and principles."

Recognized as one of Time magazine's 25 most influential Americans, Stephen R. Covey was one of the world's foremost leadership authorities, organizational experts, and thought leaders. Forbes magazine named The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People one of the top 10 most influential management books ever. Now, this 30th anniversary edition of the timeless classic commemorates the wisdom of the 7 Habits with modern additions from Sean Covey.

What people say:

"Happily, this book has advised and encouraged us for 25 years. Now, I encourage us to be loyal and supportive for another 25 years." — Maya Angelou, best-selling author, poet, and playwright

"Fundamentals are the key to success. Stephen Covey is a master of them. Buy his book, but most important, use it!" — Anthony Robbins, self-help author and motivational speaker

"[Thirty] years after it first appeared, the wisdom of The 7 Habits is more relevant than ever. On an individual level, people are burning out, and on a collective level we are burning up the planet. So Dr. Covey's emphasis on self-renewal and his understanding that leadership and creativity require us to tap into our own physical, mental, and spiritual resources are exactly what we need now." — Arianna Huffington, author and syndicated columnist

"As the seminal work of Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has influenced millions around the world to be their best selves at work and at home. It stands the test of time as one of the most important books of our time." — Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo

"Covey's masterpiece, if it hasn't changed the world, has influenced millions of readers who can and will make our planet more peaceful and prosperous and prepared and purposeful." — Warren Bennis, Distinguished Professor of Management, USC

About the Author:

Stephen R. Covey (1932-2012) was an internationally respected leadership authority, family expert, teacher, organizational consultant, and author. His books have sold more than 25 million copies in thirty-eight languages, and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People was named the #1 Most Influential Business Book of the Twentieth Century. After receiving an MBA from Harvard and a doctorate degree from Brigham Young University, he became the co-founder and vice chairman of Franklin Covey Co., the leading global professional services firm.

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