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Elemental Magic, Volume I: The Art of Special Effects Animation

Elemental Magic, Volume I: The Art of Special Effects Animation
Your Price: $70.00 CDN
Author: Joseph Gilland
Foreword by: Michel Gagne
Publisher: Focal Press
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 328
Pub. Date: 2009
ISBN-10: 0240811631
ISBN-13: 9780240811635

About the Book:

Create amazing animated effects such as fiery blazes, rippling water, and magical transformations.

Animation guru Joseph Gilland breaks down the world of special effects animation with clear step-by-step diagrams and explanations on how to create the amazing and compelling images you see on the big screen. Elemental Magic is jam-packed with rich, original illustrations from the author himself which help explain and illuminate the technique, philosophy, and approach behind classical hand drawn animated effects and how to apply these skills to your digital projects.

If you want to improve the visual power of your film and your enjoyment in creating it, you’ll want to read Cinematography for Directors by Jacqueline Frost.

Key features of Elemental Magic include:
• Create stunning animated effects such as sparkling pixie dust, roaring tidal waves, and raging fires.
• Apply the theory behind effects animation to your traditional and digital animation projects.
• Written by animated effects guru, Joseph Gilland, who has worked on such feature films as Lilo & Stitch, Brother Bear, Pocahontas, Tarzan, and Mulan.

About the Author:

Joseph Gilland has worked for over 30 years with such studios as Walt Disney Feature Animation, Don Bluth Animation, Productions Pascal Blais and the National Film Board of Canada.