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Acting and Reacting: Tools for the Modern Actor

Acting and Reacting: Tools for the Modern Actor
Your Price: $36.95 CDN
Author: Nick Moseley
Publisher: Nick Hern Books UK
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 202
Pub. Date: 2006
ISBN-10: 1854598031
ISBN-13: 9781854598035

About the Book:

An inspiring new approach to acting from a respected drama teacher.

Emoting is not acting. Reproducing is not acting. Reacting is acting. With this powerful idea, Nick Moseley takes long-held views of actor training and opens them up to a productive new way of thinking about performance. Acting and Reacting stimulates thinking and reflection in both acting students and teachers. For too long, argues Nick Moseley, actor training has worked within superimposed concepts: on the one hand, the long tradition of Stanislavski, which has been countered more recently by the strongly anti-Stanislavskian views of David Mamet. Between the two, Moseley writes, is a creative way of thinking about acting that avoids extremes. Training is at the heart of acting, but training must fit the actor, not the other way round.

Acting and Reacting establishes a new, intensely practical actor-training system incorporating the best of Stanislavsky, David Mamet and Sanford Meisner. Starting with the technique of Transactional Improvisation, it covers topics such as:
The World of the Play
Inhabiting the Space
Learning to Trust Your Body
Approaches to Text

Working with such concepts as emotional openness, trust and acceptance, setting boundaries, and artistic freedom, Acting and Reacting explores in depth techniques and exercises in transactional improvisation and other tools for expanding the actor's skill set. The result is a punchy and empowering book intended to shake up ideas about acting. With chapters on such important topics as inhabiting the space, learning to trust the body, and defamiliarization, and reinforced with games and exercises that stretch and challenge the student actor at each stage. Acting and Reacting is must for drama teachers and drama students alike.

What people say:

" inspirational approach to acting – a combination of ideological discourse, shrewd analysis and practical exercises." — Times Higher Education Supplement

About the Author:

Nick Moseley teaches at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London. Prior to that he was Head of Acting at the Italia Conti Academy in London. His specialisms include Stanislavski-based text work, Improvisation, Psychophysical Actions, and Sanford Meisner. He studied at Royal Holloway (London University) before becoming first an actor and then a teacher. He is also a director of the Conference of Drama Schools.

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