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Acting With An Accent: Spanish

Acting With An Accent <em>Spanish</em> by David Alan Stern Acting With An Accent: Spanish
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Author: David Alan Stern
Publisher: Dialect Accent Specialists
Format: Booklet and CD
Pub. Date: 2003
ISBN-10: 0926862065
ISBN-13: 9780926862067

About the Booklet and CD:

Dialects and Accents for Actors, Storytellers and more....

Mastering different accents and dialects can provide a huge advantage to your career. Dialects can instantly transform you into another person by affecting the very essence of who you are in the world – your speech. Dialects, for many actors, are enjoyable, useful tools. Spanish is a self-instructional program in the Acting With An Accent series prepared by a speech teacher and dialect coach to the stars, Dr. David Alan Stern. He doesn't use "tricks." Instead he teaches the basics of convincing dialects – resonance, lilt, sound substitutions and pace. He explains pronunciations, word choice and touches on idioms.

Spanish is not just samples for imitation, but contains step-by-step, systematic lessons to learn to the accent of Spanish language native who now speaks English as a second language, but it's not limited to Spain. The basic speech pattern can be used for characters from nearly any Central or South American Country (except Brazil). Includes instruction on how to create the characteristics of the Mexican accent as well as those of Puerto Rico, Cuba and Spain. Each packet contains a manual and an hour-long instructional compact disc that teaches you Lilt, Stress, Resonance and Pronunciation.

Dr. David Stern is a master dialectician and teacher of film and TV actors. He has taught at several universities and at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. His Acting With An Accent compact discs are used in over 1000 university theatre programs and by professional actors around the world.

About the Author:

David Alan Stern, "The Dialect Doctor," founded Dialect Accent Specialists in Hollywood in 1980. He has coached business executives, broadcast media personalities, government officials, actors, and members of the clergy to modify accents and speak more expressively for over thirty years. Among his celebrity trainees have been: Mike Farrell, Jack Klugman, Liam Neeson, Edward James Olmos, Bronson Pinchot, Lynn Redgrave, and Michael York, as well as Oscar winners Forest Whitaker, Geena Davis, Olympia Dukakis, Julia Roberts, and Sally Field. He has served on the faculties of both Wichita State and Penn State Universities, and is now Professor of Dramatic Arts at his Alma Mater, the University of Connecticut.