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Actor's Audition Log

Actor's Audition Log
Your Price: $17.95 CDN
Author: Sandra de Bruin
Publisher: Break-A-Leg Books
Format: Spiral-bound
# of Pages: 100

The Actor's Audition Log is an essential 'no-frills' audition log book for working as well as established actors and models — a place to record all your auditions and interviews!

Actor Sandra de Bruin was struck by the fact that actors have a lot of information to remember when going on auditions but no good way of recording it all. "We have to take in all this data: the interview date, who's the casting director, where we're going, the project, the role name," says the Los Angeles-based actor. "So you'd have all these pieces of paper all over; and when the callback came, you'd be shuffling through them crazily. I thought, we really need a book or something just to keep it all together."

She created (with a little help from her friends) the Actor's Audition Log, a spiral-bound organizational book where actors and models can record all the pertinent details of their various meetings and auditions. There are fields that range from the casting director's name to the "gut feeling" on how things went. "I actually did this with the thought not of making that much money but for my fellow actors," she says. "And it would help agents as well, because they wouldn't get that call: 'Where am I supposed to go again — what's the address?' And it just took off."

It is a professional organizational tool to aid the actor or model in getting to the right audition at the right time with a place to chronicle pertinent information such as: who was in the room, what outfit was worn, instinctive feeling about the reading, etc. Also, many expenses incurred in the audition process are tax deductible and can be itemized simultaneously.

Using the log, an actor or model can compactly keep track of all current and past auditions, casting calls and refer back to it for call-backs or when seeing the same casting agent, director or producer for a different project at a later date.

Not only is this LOG of value to you, it is an inexpensive, useful and thoughtful gift for a fellow performing artist.

What people say:

"A must-have for working actors!" — Judy Kerr, Acting Coach & Author

"Finally a way for actors to keep track of their careers by recording all pertinent audition information on one page!" — Ray Cavaleri, Theatrical Agent

"What every smart actor should have to get in and stay in 'show business'!" — Joan van Ark, Actress/Director/Producer

About the Author:

Sandra de Bruin is a working actress and writer, as well as the creator of the Actor's Audition Log, Performer's Workshop Log and the Film Buff's Log.

She has appeared in over 200 television shows, several major films, many Los Angeles stage productions, numerous commercials, and worked in voice-over and looping.

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