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Advanced Screenwriting: Taking Your Writing to the Academy Award Level

Advanced Screenwriting: Taking Your Writing to the Academy Award Level
Your Price: $20.95 CDN
Author: Linda Seger
Publisher: Silman-James Press
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 300
Pub. Date: 2003
ISBN-10: 1879505738
ISBN-13: 9781879505735

About the Book:

This book is both a follow-up and a natural extension of the author's previous screenwriting books, however, it does not require familiarity with her earlier books.

Advanced Screenwriting is about details and the intricate, complex elements that make it possible for films like The Hours to become great films. It's about creating a script that moves well, with a focused, original story that leaps off the page and gives a great actor something to work with. It's also about creating stories that touch and intrigue an audience and perhaps transform their lives in the process.

What people say:


"Once again, Linda Seger has peeled back the veils and revealed the essential truths of great screenwriting, making the complex comprehensible. This book is loaded with tons of useful analysis and screenwriting craft that is essential for any screenwriter; beginner or advanced." — Jack Epps, screenwriter, Top Gun, Dick Tracy

About the Author:

Dr. Linda Seger created and defined the job of script consultant when she began her business in 1981, based on a method for analyzing scripts she developed for her dissertation project. Since then, she has consulted on over 2000 scripts, including over 100 produced films.

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