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A Practical Guide to Greener Theatre: Introduce Sustainability Into Your Productions

A Practical Guide to Greener Theatre: Introduce Sustainability Into Your Productions
Your Price: $55.50 CDN
Author: Ellen E. Jones
Publisher: Focal Press
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 304
Pub. Date: 2013
ISBN-10: 0415663245
ISBN-13: 9780415663243
About the Book:

Protecting the environment should be a priority of every theatrical production, but it can be challenging to mount an environmentally-friendly show with limited time, resources, and information. A Practical Guide to Greener Theatre: Introduce Sustainability Into Your Productions not only gives you the information you need to make greener decisions, but provides you with practical, workable solutions. You will learn how to assess and improve every production area - from costuming and painting, lighting and technical direction, to administrative offices and the rehearsal process. Checklists, examples of successful strategies, and step-by-step instructions will show you how to identify areas where manageable, sustainable changes can make your productions greener, and advice from working professionals, with experience greening their own productions, will leave you confident that your processes are environmentally sound. Even non-technical people who find themselves responsible for supervising productions will find green solutions that can be instituted with a staff of volunteers or students. Remember: every step toward sustainability is a step forward.

- Discover small fixes that will make your theatre productions greener.

- Examine ways to introduce greener practices in the design, execution, and strike process.

- Explore how introducing sustainability into your theatre productions can save your company time and money.

- Learn how sustainability and safety intersect to help protect your workers and volunteers.

What people say:

"The book was enticing and infectious. It is for the beginning student and the seasoned veteran. After you finish, I don't think you will wait to get started on your own sustainability analysis of your own productions...To quote the author, 'protecting the environment should be a priority of theatrical production' and 'every step toward sustainability is a step forward.'" - Robin Jaffer, Production Manager and Technical Director for the Auburn Department of Theatre

About the Author:

Ellen E. Jones holds USA Local 829 credentials as a lighting designer, scenic designer, and scenic artist. She has held numerous academic posts as well as working for theatrical vendors. Her twenty-plus year career in the industry has included designing and painting scores of productions for various theatre companies and shops in the US. She particularly enjoys working with students as emerging artists and joined the faculty of the Department of Theatre and Dance at Youngstown State University in the fall of 2013, where she serves as the scenic and lighting designer.