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The Art of Digital Video

The Art of Digital Video
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Author: John Watkinson
Publisher: Focal Press
Format: Hardcover
# of Pages: 774
Pub. Date: 2000
Edition: 3rd
ISBN-10: 0240515862
ISBN-13: 9780240515861

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About the Book:

The Art of Digital Video is an acclaimed industry 'bible'. It is used as a standard professional reference work and written by the leading expert in the field, International Consultant, John Watkinson. As the worlds of film, digital imaging and computing converge constant re-skilling within these industries is vital: John Watkinson's The Art of Digital Video addresses this need.

The introductory chapter focuses on explaining basic video and digital principles. John Watkinson presents the information in his usual clear style, plain English, with the minimum of equations, ensuring that this text is now even more accessible to the increasingly wide audience. The very latest technology in a converged media age is covered including computing aspects of digital video, digital video broadcasting and video principles, colorimetry and picture principles and progressive versus interface scanning.

The Art of Digital Video takes into account the very latest technology in a converged media age. New material includes:
• More on the computing aspects of digital video
• New chapters on digital video broadcasting and video principles
• More on basic colorimetry and picture principles
• Progressive versus interface scanning

What people say:

"This is a masterly analysis of everything relating to digitally encoding pictures, from conversion of analogue signals into digital code, through to recording, editing and processing." — New Scientist

"As an engineer who is constantly comparing the specification of different machines, I find that the strength of a book like Watkinson's The Art of Digital Video, is that it gives a clear and concise definitions of the terminology used in the measurement of signals and the performance of equipment." — Film West

"This bible of the digital video industry is even more of a must-buy than previous editions." — Computer Arts

About the Author:

John Watkinson is an independent international consultant in advanced applications of electronics to audiovisual and avionics systems. He is a Fellow of the AES, a member of the Society of Expert Witnesses, and the British Computer Society and is a chartered information systems practitioner. He presents lectures, seminars and training courses worldwide. He is the author of many books, including The Art of Digital Video.