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A Sense of Direction: Some Observations on the Art of Directing

A Sense of Direction: Some Observations on the Art of Directing
Your Price: $25.95 CDN
Author: William Ball
Publisher: Drama Publishers
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 196
Pub. Date: 1984
ISBN-10: 0896760820
ISBN-13: 9780896760820

About the Book:

Everything you need to know to Direct for Theatre... By the inspirational stage director and legendary founder of the famous American Conservatory Theatre (A.C.T.) in San Francisco – a candid account of his working method as a director. A Sense of Direction is a core text used at top stage directing programs worldwide.

A Sense of Direction represents a life's work in directing. William Ball boils down almost forty years of teaching, acting and directing experience into possibly the most effective, educational and practical document about directing. Speaking as a director's director, he offers a personal account of his method of working, from first read-through to opening night – including the choice of a play's essential elements, pre-production homework, casting, and rehearsal techniques. Throughout, his discoveries and insights guide you in building the world of the play and bringing it to life – enlightening for the neophyte as well as the experienced professional. Includes many thoughts on acting, especially a chapter on 'objectives'.

Authoritative and thoughtful, accessible and sensible. Theatregoers will find this an informative, insightful, and often astonishingly clear look at the people and process behind the wonderful and magical phenomenon we call theatre.

What people say:

"Lessons from a lifetime of directing. Authoritative and thoughtful, accessible and sensible." — Frank Hauser, legendary theatre director

"There's a very good book that I read called A Sense of Direction, by William Ball, a wonderful book. It's really about directing, but there's a great chapter on acting in it." — Larry Moss, acting coach and stage director

"...his vision and approach were so gentle, so all-inclusive, really comforting in terms of creating an environment in which people felt safe to create." — Geoff Elliott, co-artistic director of L.A.'s A Noise Within

"This book is filled with insight on the nature of theatre and sound advice on the more practical aspects of directing. It should be on every young director’s reading list." — Choice Magazine

"Ball's observations, rooted in experience, wisdom and common sense, leap from the page to an experienced director’s heart, stomach and mind." — Theatre Journal

About the Author:

William Ball (1931-1991) was an American actor, director, teacher, and innovator. He founded the American Conservatory Theatre (A.C.T.) in 1965 and was its general director for many years, making his San Francisco-based organization one of the most enduring repertory companies in the country. He was also active as a teacher and director in A.C.T.'s conservatory program, which trained a generation of major actors including Annette Bening, Harry Hamlin, Amy Irving and Denzel Washington and scores of stage actors who appear in film, television and theaters across the US. In 1979 he accepted a Tony Award given to A.C.T. for its work in repertory performance and advanced theatre training.