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Audition: Everything an Actor Needs to Know to Get the Part

Audition: Everything an Actor Needs to Know to Get the Part
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Biz Bestseller!
Author: Michael Shurtleff
Introduction by: Bob Fosse
Publisher: Bantam Books
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 264
Pub. Date: 1978
ISBN-10: 05532729250
ISBN-13: 9780553272956

About the Book:

What Stanislavsky was to acting, famed acting coach Michael Shurtleff was to auditioning. His legendary course on auditioning launched hundreds of successful careers.

Michael Shurtleff speaks from the experience of more than 14,000 auditions and the casting of over 200 Broadway shows. He worked with David Merrick, Bob Fosse and Andrew Lloyd Webber, casting shows such as Irma la Douce, Chicago and Jesus Christ Superstar. He also worked in Hollywood, casting various television and film productions, including The Graduate and The Sound of Music.

His inspiration for the now-classic book Audition: Everything an Actor Needs to Know to Get the Part came while casting the 1966 Broadway production of The Lion in Winter. Michael Shurtleff was frustrated by many talented actors who didn't know how to audition for the play and created a class to address the problem. The book, which came from his experience as a teacher, tells the all-important HOW for all aspiring actors, from the beginning student of acting to the proven talent trying out for that chance-in-a-million role! One the book's best-known aspects is a list of "12 guideposts" actors must follow in monologue and scene work, such as "Relationships – how to create them onstage" and "Conflict – what are you fighting for?" This straightforward, practical handbook gives sound advice about basic acting techniques and covers every conceivable auditioning problem: What to do that moment before, how to use humour; create mystery; how to develop a distinct style; and how to evaluate the place, the relationships and the competition. In fact, Audition is a necessary guide to dealing with all the "auditions" we face in life.

What people say:

"Shurtleff's legendary book has been an audition bible for over 35 years. The Broadway casting director's famous 12 Guideposts are carefully laid out in this easy-to-read manual, and incorporated into actor training all over the country." — Back Stage

"His advice is hard-headed and commonsensical." — Vancouver Sun

"I would like to go on record as saying that I consider this book to be absolutely indispensable to any aspiring, or even mildly ambitious, actor. There is no book of which I am aware that gives an actor such first-rate, clear-cut, no-nonsense advice." — Bob Fosse, Director-choreographer, in foreword to the book

"What a book! Yet it's so simple that you learn without feeling it happen. Thank you, Michael; we needed it." — Joshua Logan, the director of some of Broadway's most enduring and prestigious hits

About the Author:

Michael Shurtleff (1920-2007) had a long career on Broadway as a renowned casting director, and wrote Audition: Everything an Actor Needs to Know to Get the Part – a cherished bible for aspiring actors. The year the book was published, he moved to Los Angeles, where he taught classes based on the lessons in his book, often travelling internationally to give master classes. He also wrote numerous one-act and full-length plays, including Call Me by My Rightful Name.

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