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AuditionCraft for Film & TV

AuditionCraft for Film & TV
Your Price: $40.00 CDN
Author: Linda Darlow
Foreword by: John Noble
Publisher: LDZ Enterprises
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 185
Pub. Date: 2013
ISBN-10: 0992105005
ISBN-13: 9780992105006

About the Book:

"This book provides brilliant insights into how to approach the uncomfortable but critical hurdle of auditioning, specifically for film and television." — John Noble, actor and teacher

AuditionCraft for Film & TV is a "how to" manual, using guidelines that you can follow in preparing for an on-camera audition. It covers: "The Craft" giving you specific tools to use when working on the material for an audition; "The Mastery" laying out a technique for handling the logistics of auditioning: from preparing at home, to getting there, to being in the room, to what to do when it's over; and, "The Reality" explaining what it will take to have not only a successful but a satisfying and rewarding acting career.

Spiral-bound for easy handling, AuditionCraft for Film & TV has frequently been called the most practical, comprehensive and "user friendly" book of it's kind on the market!

What people say:

"I love your straight forward style and honest, experienced approach to your craft. It will be very valuable for actors." — Carole Tarlington, teacher

"After working for over 20 years in film and TV, after thousands of auditions.... Linda's book has reminded me of tools I had forgotten. This book is needed. It is practical, clear, absolutely dead on with its techniques, both physically and mentally." — Sarah Jane Redmond, actress

"This book is an absolute necessity for the 'beginner' film actor, a great refresher for the 'working' actor and a terrific guide for 'seasoned veterans' who are teaching/coaching." — Susan Blakely, actress

"I wish I had Linda's book when I started my acting career, I might've worked more! Now I'm a Director and in reading this I myself noting 'I've got to use this – how helpful it will be to the actors'. AuditionCraft is a practical, brilliantly insightful, no nonsense A to Z acting manual, specifically regarding the dreaded audition process. AuditionCraft should be standard issue for anyone who's going to walk into the audition room." — Kristoffer Tabori, actor/director

"Finally, a book I can use and that my drama kids can understand – and their performances reflect it." — James Crescenzo, artistic director and teacher

About the Author:

Linda Darlow has been teaching Audition Technique for Film & TV and Commercials and leading The Performers' Mastery Workshops for over 30 years in Los Angeles and Vancouver. A seasoned performer herself, she has appeared in over two dozen TV Movies and Features, 30 TV Series with recurring roles in 6 of them. She has also had years of experience doing on-camera commercials as well as dubbing voices into English for cartoon series.