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A World History of Photography

A World History of Photography
Your Price: $58.75 CDN
Author: Naomi Rosenblum
Format: Softcover
Pub. Date: 2008
Edition: 4th
ISBN-10: 0789209373
ISBN-13: 9780789209375

About the Book:

This sumptuously illustrated volume, hailed as an indispensable work on the fascinatingly expressive photographic medium, has been revised and expanded to cover images by contemporary photographers working in the twenty-first century.

From the camera lucida to the latest in digital image making and computer manipulation, photographic technology has dramatically changed throughout its nearly 200-year history, as succinctly explained and powerfully illustrated in A World History of Photography. Thanks to the unique immediacy with which photography captures perspective and history, the popularity and use of the camera spread rapidly around the globe. Today, photography is ubiquitous: from newspapers and fashion magazines to billboards and the film industry, cultures worldwide have embraced this malleable artistic medium for a limitless variety of purposes.

Naomi Rosenblum's classic text investigates all aspects of photography — aesthetic, documentary, commercial, and technical — while placing photos in their historical context. Included among the more than 800 photographs by men and women are both little-known and celebrated masterpieces, arranged in stimulating juxtapositions that illuminate their visual power. Authoritative and unbiased, Rosenblum's chronicle of photography both chronologically and thematically traces the evolution of this still-young art form. Exploring the diverse roles that photography has played in the communication of ideas, Naomi Rosenblum devotes special attention to topics such as portraiture, documentation, advertising, and photojournalism, and to the camera as a means of personal artistic expression. The revised fourth edition of A World History of Photography includes updates on technical advances as well as a new chapter on contemporary photographers. Armed with the expressive vigour of its images, this thorough and accessible volume will appeal to all.

What people say:

"Now, if you want a remarkable run-down on the entire phenomenon [of photography], from the earliest beginnings to the present day ... you couldn't do better to get it all, compactly and comprehensively, than in this exceptional book." — Art Matters

"An important up-to-date addition to photographic literature, which lacks such works of erudition." — Cornell Capa, Founder, International Center of Photography

"A strong resource on the evolution of artistic form and composition in photography, this book is flawless in its annotation and analysis.... Libraries that do not own this work should consider purchasing it." — Choice

About the Author:

Naomi Rosenblum is an eminent American historian of photography and author who has been active in education for some 30 years. An independent curator and scholar who has written many articles and lectured extensively on a range of subjects in photography, she is best known for A World History of Photography, first published in 1984. The book has since been translated into French, Japanese, Polish, and Chinese, and it has been updated and expanded through many editions. She lives in Long Island City, New York.