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Bali Brothers: Great Unproduced Film Scripts

Bali Brothers: Great Unproduced Film Scripts
Your Price: $17.25 CDN
Author: Lacy Waltzman, Michael Wiese and Matthew Bishop
Publisher: Michael Wiese Productions
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 109
Pub. Date: 2010
ISBN-10: 1932907711
ISBN-13: 9781932907711

About the Book:

Bali Brothers is a screenplay about two brothers who reconcile their differences through the beauty and magic of Bali.

The story of Bali Brothers centers on the character Nick Best. Nick is living the good life on a beach in Bali – thousands of miles from the expectations laid on him by his billionaire father – when his brother Eddie shows up to bring him home. But Eddie is soon seduced by Bali, and by Shakti, a beautiful apprentice to a mysterious shaman. As Eddie becomes obsessed with ritual magic, Nick must try to save his brother from madness, and save Bali from the cataclysmic disaster revealed in Eddie's dark visions. In doing so, Nick finds the courage to accept real love, find his place in the world, and fulfill his destiny.

Bali Brothers is the first in a series of books designed specifically to support the independent filmmaking and screenwriting community. Using the the concept, Great Unproduced Film Scripts, the series will introduce new, highly viable, commercial scripts to the general public, film investors and producers with the intentions that these interested parties will find each other.

What people say:

"Bali Brothers is magnificent. A powerful, compelling story in a magical setting. Brilliantly written and conceived, with many unforgettable characters. Thoroughly entertaining. An important film." — James Bonnet, author of Stealing Fire from the Gods

"Bali Brothers is everything a story aspires to. It transports us to places — both geographically and emotionally — that help us reconnect with the deep emotions and spiritual truths we often forget or have long-ago forgotten." — Jeff Schechter, screenwriter and author of My Story Can Beat Up Your Story

"A deeply felt hero's journey, set in a timeless world of myth and romance, inland Bali. Two young American surfers look for the next wave and find their friendship. I love this story." — Judith Weston, author of The Director's Journey

About the Screenwriters:

Lacy Waltzman was born in Biloxi, Mississippi, and has since been employed in Los Angeles doing publicity, casting, cable TV production, and motion picture development.

Matthew Bishop wrote and directed the documentary Taking the Face: The Portuguese Bullfight, The Zookeeper (starring Sam Neill), and the TV series, Doctors. He currently lives and studies in Rio with a Brazilian shaman.

Michael Wiese is a producer, director, and author. He has been developing the Bali Brothers film project since the publication of his novel in 1995.