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Beauty and the Beast (Gray)

Beauty and the Beast (Gray)
Your Price: $15.95 CDN
Author: Nicholas Stuart Gray
Lyrics by: 3 female, 4 male (flexible casting)
Publisher: Samuel French
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 107
Pub. Date: 1951
ISBN-10: 057365008X
ISBN-13: 9780573650086
Cast Size: 3 female, 4 male (flexible casting)

About the Play:

Beauty and the Beast is a full-length fantasy by Nicholas Stuart Gray. This fresh interpretation of Beauty and the Beast tells of a girl who travels to a magical castle where a vain prince has been cursed by an evil witch until he can learn to find true love. Audiences young and old will delight in the colourful cast of characters that includes a young dragon named, "Mikey."

Beauty and the Beast is the enchanting fairy tale where the audience is taken out of time and place to some forgotten, enchanted nook of years and years ago. Therein unfolds a tale of magic and wizardry amid an environment of castles, sylvan mysteries and wild nature – peopled with seemingly other worldly creatures. This is not the traditional story of Beauty and the Beast, but Nicholas Stuart Gray's version is an endearing and fantastical tale of a rather forgetful wizard, Mr. Hodge and his baby dragon nephew "Mikey." When a rude and unruly young prince threatens Mikey's life, the wizard decides to teach the dashing young prince a lesson in manners and banishes him to a magical castle for twenty years or so, in order to teach him the values of beauty and companionship. But the wizard forgets he has a captive, and five hundred years later is horrified to remember his mistake. In order to rectify his error he visits the castle, to find the prince in his loneliness has turned into an absolute beast - and in order to save him, must discover a way to bring real beauty into his life. However, when fortune brings Mr. Clement, a merchant, and his three daughters to the woods, things take a turn for the better for the prince, but can Beauty really win him over? This version of the fairy-tale Beauty and the Beast has an exhilarating freshness, and while it contains a great deal of light-hearted fun it also has serious and moving passages – and it is dramatic throughout.

Beauty and the Beast premiered in in 1949 at produced at the Mercury Theatre in London. Its simplicity is of the best of its kind, which is endearing to children and adults alike.

Cast: 3 female, 4 male (flexible casting)

What people say:

"A delightfully fresh and simplified version." — The Daily Telegraph (London)

About the Playwright:

Nicholas Stuart Gray (1922-1981) was a Scottish actor and playwright, perhaps best known for his work in children's theatre in England. He was also an author of children's fantasy; he wrote a number of novels, a dozen plays, and many short stories.

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