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Big Screen, Little Screen

Big Screen, Little Screen
Your Price: $18.95 CDN
Author: Lance King
Publisher: iUniverse
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 180
Pub. Date: 2009
ISBN-10: 1440180520
ISBN-13: 9781440180521

About the Book:

Discover how you can play an active role in one of today's fastest growing industries.

The dream of virtually every young, creative person is to find a career that challenges their individual talents. In Big Screen, Little Screen, Hollywood production designer Lance King offers you a "behind the scenes" perspective which demonstrates a realistic overview in how film production works; what jobs are available; the types of skills and experience you need; professional advice on making career choices; guidance on "personal presentation," interview techniques, grasping industry politics, and the role Unions' play in the art of film-making.

Brimming with anecdotes, proven techniques for developing self-confidence and ways to help you turn your life's negatives into positives, Big Screen, Little Screen combines professional expertise with professional experience. It covers "everything you need to know" to become an active member inside the art department in film & television, including jobs in art direction, set design, drafting, graphics illustration, set decoration, props, and construction.

Also, learn if you have what it takes to work in the industry:
• Do you consider yourself a creative person?
• Do you possess the skills and experience to work in the film industry?
• Are you a goal-oriented type of person?
• Do you consider yourself a fast-learner?
• How important are your career aspirations?
• Are you a self-disciplined individual?
• Do you think you present yourself well to others?
• Are you the type of person that can work in a high stress workplace?
• Do you consider yourself a team player?

Find Your Answers Inside Big Screen, Little Screen. Author Lance King's upbeat, informative and entertaining style will enlighten you from start to finish, so sit back and enjoy your journey into the magic realm of film production!

What people say:

"Clear, informative, and abundantly inspiring - an extremely valuable resource for anyone interested in pursuing a career in film production." — Lloyd Segan, executive producer

About the Author:

Lance King is an internationally acclaimed production designer with two hundred film projects to his credit. Today, he continues to work for the five major studios in Hollywood, Network television and Cable TV. He lives in western British Columbia with his Canadian wife, three children, and a cat named Rafiki.