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Brands and BullS**t: A Branding Primer

Brands and BullS**t: A Branding Primer
Your Price: $29.95 CDN
Author: Bernhard Schroeder
Publisher: CreateSpace
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 188
Pub. Date: 2017
ISBN-10: 1976364442
ISBN-13: 9781976364440

About the Book:

Brands and Bulls**t is the first branding book written exclusively for today's marketers and entrepreneurs to provide insights and tools on how to purposely create a digital brand. It's about time. Digital marketers have all the online tools ever imagined to create marketing campaigns for their brands. But they lack the branding knowledge to excel as brand experts.

Brands and Bulls**t: Excel at the Former and Avoid the Latter strips away the mystery of branding and gives you a branding primer necessary for every digital marketer or entrepreneur. The kind of brand that ultimately creates such a powerful "feeling" in a customer's "mind and gut" that they feel there is no substitute for your product or service. This branding book offers you the insight and tools to learn how to excel at branding. It is filled with over twenty years of expertise working with some of the best brands and branding experts in the world. Add wisdom, knowledge and value to your marketing or startup career. In an enlightening two-hour read you'll learn how to:

• Understand what branding in a digital world really means-Learn how to create a powerful brand that creates a customer "feeling"
• How to quickly create a brand plan
• Create specific brand strategies that really work in the marketplace
• Review ten possible brand strategies and understand their potential
• Understand how positioning and category ladders work and why
• To utilize tools like brand decision trees to simplify complex brand choices
• Create a branding strategy for a client or company that targets a blue ocean

This is the ONE book every digital marketer needs to read. And you definitely need to understand the difference between branding and bullshit. Don't just be a digital marketer, become a brand expert. Increase your value and architect great brands.

What people say:

"For any digiital marketer, strategist, creative or communicator in today's business world. Read this book." — Tom Suiter, Co-Founder of Enjoy, and former Creative Director at Apple

"Brands and Bulls**t should be mandatory reading for every online marketer." — Thom McElroy, Co-Founder of Volcom, an icon in the Surfwear Industry

About the Author:

Bernhard Schroeder is the Director of the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center Programs at San Diego State University and he oversees all of the centers undergraduate and graduate experiential programs. He has worked with hundreds of start-ups in San Diego, on and off the campus, is a strategic advisor to several start-ups, is quoted frequently in both local and national media and has spoken at TEDx events.