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Buy Me Blue Ribbons

Buy Me Blue Ribbons
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Author: Sumner Locke Elliott
Publisher: Dramatists Play Service (cover may change)
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 78
Pub. Date: 1952
Edition: Acting
ISBN-10: 0822201690
ISBN-13: 9780822201694
Cast Size: 6 female, 4 male

About the Play:

Buy Me Blue Ribbons is a full-length comedy by Sumner Locke Elliott. A light comedy about a former child movie star now grown-up and hankering to crash Broadway. Buy Me Blue Ribbons is an illuminating character study. It is one of the few Broadway plays to be written by an Australian.

Buy Me Blue Ribbons centers on Jordan Sable, at 18, a forgotten child movie idol attempting his comeback to fame through the stage. Against the advice of his hardboiled agent and friend, Liz Kendall, he buys a swashbuckling verse play about pirates in which he plans to star on Broadway, hires a top producer and a female star and embarks on a colossal publicity campaign to launch himself in the play. He is abetted in this by Daisy, his doting mother, an overwhelming and dizzy woman who was once a Ziegfeld girl. His not-quite-so-doting father, a hosiery tycoon, has always opposed Jordan's career, and the parents have divorced over this disagreement. During a hilarious rehearsal scene, Jordan is found totally inadequate as the pirate chief and is forced out of his own production, his hated rival replacing him and scoring a hit, which leads to a Hollywood contract. Jordan, penitent and defeated, vows he will retire forever, but Liz talks him into starting again, at the bottom, and he accepts a small bit in a revival of Hamlet," having learned his lesson that one cannot "buy" success.

Buy Me Blue Ribbons premiered in 1951 at the Empire Theatre on Broadway in New York City. It premiered in Australia in 1953 at the Independent Theatre in North Sydney and was adapted for television in 1954.

Cast: 6 female, 4 male

About the Playwright:

Sumner Locke Elliott (1917-1991) was a novelist and playwright whose fiction drew upon his formative years in his native Australia. His career was divided into three parts, first as an actor in major English-language plays in Australia, then as a leading writer of more than 30 original plays and scores of adaptations in the golden age of live American television of the 1950's, and then as a best-selling writer of a dozen artful novels.