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Caught in the Net

Caught in the Net
Your Price: $18.95 CDN
Author: Ray Cooney
Publisher: Samuel French
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 120
Pub. Date: 2002
ISBN-10: 0573019754
ISBN-13: 9780573019753
Cast Size: 3 women, 4 men

About the Play:

Caught in the Net is a full-length comedy by Ray Cooney. Sends us spiralling back into the chaos of the life of a bigamous taxi driver, John Smith, whom we first met in Run for Your Wife. If you think your life is complicated, imagine the life of two-timing taxi driver who keeps two separate families! A fast paced, slapstick, laugh-a-minute romp that leaves your audience in stitches and begging for more.

Caught in the Net is the absorbing story of taxi driver John Smith who has been living a double life and has successfully kept both lives from colliding into one another. This sequel to the hugely successful Run for Your Wife, from the master of modern farce, finds the bigamist taxi driver John Smith still keeping his two families in different parts of London, both happy and blissfully unaware of each other. However, his teenage children – his daughter Vicky from one family and his son Gavin from the other – have met on the Internet and are anxious to meet in person. They are attracted to each other and yet are amazed by all the coincidences: each having a taxi driving dad with the same name and same age. Why? When it dawns on John that they are about to meet, and the possible consequences of such a meeting between lusty teenagers, he frantically works to keep them apart and plunges into a hell hole of his own making. What ensues is hilarious comedic magic of subterfuge – with ringing phones, locked doors, and lots of physical comedy full of fast-paced slapstick dialogue of miscommunications and exaggerations – two households side by side, mayhem happening simultaneously at breakneck speed. His lodger Stanley could be a saviour, but he is about to go on holiday with his decrepit old father who turns up thinking he is already at the guest house. The situation spirals out of control as John juggles outrageously with the truth.

Caught in the Net was first produced in 2000 at the Royal Theatre in Windsor, Berkshire, England, directly across the road from Windsor Castle, and was nominated for the 2002 Olivier and the 2001 Evening Standard Awards for Best New Comedy. The play has been performed in regional repertory, high school, college, and community theatre productions.

Cast: 3 women, 4 men

What people say:

"A masterclass in the art of farce...The perfectly potty plot is a precession built laughter machine." — What's On

"Brilliant...The funniest play of the year." — Daily Mail

"Utterly magical...firework display of knockabout comedy." — Spectator

"A sheer joy from beginning to end." — Daily Telegraph

About the Playwright:

Ray Cooney, OBE is an English playwright and actor. He began his theatrical career as a child actor in in 1946, appeared in many plays, and then began a writing career which, to date, has sent eighteen plays to the West End. In 1983 he formed the Theatre of Comedy Company (bringing together the founder members consisting of thirty West End stars) and became its first Artistic Director. During his time with the Theatre of Comedy Company and throughout his career, he has continued to act, direct, and produce while he writes.

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