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Character: The Art of Role and Cast Design for Page, Stage, and Screen

Character: The Art of Role and Cast Design for Page, Stage, and Screen
Your Price: $43.95 CDN
Author: Robert McKee
Publisher: Twelve
Format: Hardcover
# of Pages: 336
Pub. Date: 2021
ISBN-10: 1455591955
ISBN-13: 9781455591954

About the Book:

The long-awaited third volume of Robert McKee's trilogy on the art of fiction.

Following up his perennially bestselling writers' guide Story and his inspiring exploration of the art of verbal action in Dialogue, the most sought-after expert in the field of storytelling brings his insights to the creation of compelling characters and the design of their surrounding casts.

Character explores the universe of character and cast design: the dimensionality, complexity, and arcing of a protagonist, as well as the invention of orbiting major characters, all encircled by a cast of service and supporting roles.

What people say:

"Robert McKee was perfectly happy as a writer. He didn't expect to become perhaps the most famous writing instructor in Hollywood, played by Brian Cox in 'Adaptation', and known for his work with the likes of Peter Jackson, 'Beautiful Mind' screenwriter Akiva Goldsman and John Cleese." — CNN

About the Author:

Robert McKee is a renowned American lecturer on the principles of story telling. He has dedicated his career to teaching major media and literature celebrities inspirational storytelling for cinema, television and other fields requiring creative writing. Collectively, alumni from his courses have tallied 200 Oscar nominations and 60 Oscar wins between them. They have gone on to be nominated for over 1,000 Emmys, and have scooped up 50 of them. They also share 50 DGA wins from 100 nominations, and 100 WGA wins to go with 250 nominations.

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