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Create Your Own TV Series for the Internet

Create Your Own TV Series for the Internet
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Author: Ross Brown
Publisher: Michael Wiese Productions
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 251
Pub. Date: 2014
Edition: 2nd
ISBN-10: 1615931686
ISBN-13: 9781615931682

About the Book:

Want to make your own web series but don't know where to start? A first of its kind, Create Your Own TV Series for the Internet is all-in-one guide to creating short-form TV series for the Internet.

What if you have an idea for a TV show? How do you start creating it? The reasons to create a television series or web series for the Internet are nearly as varied as the Internet itself. But the reasons are all linked, in a sense, by one word: opportunity. Creative opportunity, financial opportunity, career opportunity, exposure opportunity, and the opportunity to improve your craft can all be yours if you create a great TV Series for the Internet. You may even land the very opportunity you've been seeking by churning out those full-length scripts – the chance to have your work discovered and seen on TV or in a theater. Mainstream Hollywood now combs the Internet each and every day looking not only for talent, but for material they can purchase and adapt into longer form.

For those skeptics who are still saying No way can a bunch of little two-minute video skits become a fully realized work like an acclaimed television series… well, I have two words for you: The Simpsons. That's right, the most successful scripted series in the history of television started life as a bunch of animated shorts that aired between live action sketches on The Tracy Ullman Show on Fox. In the 1980s and 1990s, creative execs frequented comedy clubs looking for original voices and characters upon which they could base a new TV series. Today those execs look for those fresh voices on the Internet.

So join the party. Join the 21st century. And let the opportunities begin. Entertaining and informative at the same time, Create Your Own TV Series for the Internet is one of a number of resources Ross Brown developed for his college courses on Byte-Sized Television. This book guides you from an initial series idea, through writing, production, and uploading and marketing a polished pilot (and successive episodes) of an original TV Series for the Internet. This is the second edition and has several new chapters and updated information from the first edition.

What people say:

"Ross Brown's book is a must-read for anyone thinking of making a Web series or for anyone who's already made one, but wants additional insight into the process. It's absorbing, informative, and a fun read." — Michael Ajakwe Jr., founder and executive director, LAWebfest

"The definitive resource for anyone who has ever dreamed of making their own television series … Create Your Own TV Series for the Internet is essential reading before you pick up the camera." — Stefan Blitz, editor-in-chief, Forces of Geek

"This book is the MapQuest of Web Series Production. You'll never get lost as long as you have it." — Rich Halke, Writer-Producer, board member LAWebfest

About the Author:

Ross Brown has more than 30 years experience in film and television. He began his writing career on The Cosby Show when it was the #1 show on television. He went on to create and produce prime time comedies for ABC, CBS and NBC, and spent six years as head writer on the hit ABC comedy Step By Step. He was the founding director of the MFA in Writing & Contemporary Media at Antioch University in Santa Barbara and held that post from 2016 through June 2022. Prior to that, he was a tenured Assistant Professor of TV Writing & Production at Chapman University in Orange, California, where he developed a series of cutting-edge courses on creating TV series for the Internet. This series led to his popular book: Create Your Own TV Series for the Internet.