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The Day the Whores Came Out to Play Tennis & Other Plays

The Day the Whores Came Out to Play Tennis & Other Plays
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Author: Arthur Kopit
Publisher: Samuel French
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 150
Pub. Date: 1993
ISBN-10: 0573621748
ISBN-13: 9780573621741

About the Play:

The Day the Whores Came Out to Play Tennis & Other Plays is a collection of one-act comedies and dramas by Arthur Kopit. Despite the title, it has intense meaning for these times.

Chamber Music: This strange meeting features The Woman in the Safari Outfit, the Woman in Armor (she has barracks language down pat, wears rusty armour, is called Joan of Arc and carries a big crucifix), the Woman with the Gavel, and others. The business at hand is how to attack the men's ward before they attack the women and devour them like cannibals? A ruse is needed so they kill the Aviatrix named Amelia Earhart. This exercise causes them to lose the strand of their thought and forget why they did it. (Cast: 8 women, 2 men)

The Questioning of Nick: Two detectives are trying to break the story of a rough student suspected of being bribed to throw a basketball game. Playing on his pride, they learn bit by bit of his recent experiences, concluding with the fact he knows a certain racketeer. His boasting has betrayed him. (Cast: 3 men)

Sing to Me Through Open Windows: For five years the boy has been coming to this sinister house to be entertained privately by a passe magician who lives in shadows with an impish and diabolical clown. The clown is really the master; his arts succeed while the magician can pull only rabbits out of the hat. Yet the boy is enthralled and wants to stay with the magician, but time has expired and he must vanish forever. (Cast: 3 men)

The Hero: A tired man walks across the desert with an attache case and tall scroll. He takes out binoculars and looks around, unrolls the scroll (it's blank), sets it up like a billboard and begins to paint an oasis on it. A woman enters. She can't see an oasis, even with binoculars, but she's happy to try to eat his rock hard sandwich and join him as the sun sets and the cold of night approaches. (Cast: 1 woman, 1 man)

The Conquest of Everest: A delectably loony play. It starts off quite properly, with a man and woman scaling Mount Everest through the clouds - in summer clothes and barefoot. They are well equipped, however: a sandwich, bottle of coke, a Brownie camera and a penlight in case it gets dark on the way down. They mount the summit just before the arrival of a Chinese soldier, with oxygen mask, banner and machine gun. He is considerably perplexed. But back to our two American tourists: they decide that they like each other, that they ought to quit their guided tour and proceed by themselves, and that it is now time to descend. (Cast: 1 woman, 2 men)

The Day the Whores Came Out to Play Tennis: The scene is a room in a wealthy country club, to which the men's committee is hastily summoned early one morning after a carousing dance. Problem: what to do about the 16 luscious but low life females who drove up in a Rolls Royces and then proceeded to the tennis courts, where they are now disporting. While the committee huddles, we learn that they are the vulgar, crass people. They are good for nothing but blustering and simpering. It is the attendant, far more refined than they, who is invited out to play with the bevy of beauties, just before the final assault and the collapse of their cardboard world. (Cast: 6 men)

The Day the Whores Came Out to Play Tennis played in 1965 Off-Broadway at Players Theatre on a double-bill with Sing to Me Through Open Windows.

About the Playwright:

Arthur Kopit (1937-2021) was an acclaimed American playwright whose writing career spanned seven decades. A two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist and a three-time Tony Award nominee, he is known for his signature play Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mamma's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feelin' So Sad. He also wrote the scripts for several TV miniseries, and collaborated with Maury Yeston on the Tony Award-winning musical Nine.

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