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Different Every Night: Freeing the Actor

Different Every Night:  <em>Freeing the Actor</em> by Mike Alfreds Different Every Night: Freeing the Actor
Your Price: $37.95 CDN
Author: Mike Alfreds
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 384
Pub. Date: 2008
ISBN-10: 1854599674
ISBN-13: 9781854599674

About the Book:

A top-ranking director sets out his rehearsal techniques in this invaluable handbook for actors and directors.

Different Every Night is the culmination of a lifetime of work in the theatre, the most complete rehearsal methodology in print since Stanislavsky. Mike Alfreds dares to do what few directors have done: he takes you into the rehearsal room and describes an immensely detailed methodology for the actor to bring the text to life and to keep it alive right up to the final performance. Indeed, he demonstrates that by investing in the truth of every moment, the actor can ensure that a performance will be different every night.

Different Every Night offers a vital masterclass for actors and directors, taking you through the process from preparation, rehearsal and performance. It is intensely hands-on and full of sound practical advice and guidance, often with examples from Mike Alfreds' own productions. It is packed with a wide variety of techniques for bringing the text to life and keeping it alive — both in rehearsal and performance.

What people say:

"Most of what I am as an actress I owe to Mike Alfreds. He gave me the language and the tools I needed for my craft." — Pam Ferris from her foreword.

"If I was allowed to train again to be an actor, but I was only allowed one teacher, it would have to be Mike Alfreds. To me he is a genius when it comes to acting and storytelling. I will spend my life trying to be true to what he perceives possible in the theatre. His productions of Chekhov remain unmatched for me. He is a true pioneer." — Mark Rylance

"…an illuminating and inspiring book… based in rich experience and acute observation of actors at work (and play)… essential reading for actors and directors." — Rogues & Vagabonds

About the Author:

Mike Alfreds trained in the USA and Israel and has been directing plays for more than fifty years. He founded the internationally acclaimed Shared Experience Theatre Company, directing their first two productions, Arabian Nights (1975) and Bleak House (1977). At the National Theatre he directed, amongst others, Ian McKellen, Sheila Hancock and Roy Kinnear in The Cherry Orchard (1985). In the 1990s he ran Cambridge Theatre Company, later renamed Method and Madness. He has since worked for the National Theatre, Shakespeare's Globe, the Royal Shakespeare Company and also extensively abroad. He is hugely respected within the profession.