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Digital Nonlinear Editing

Digital Nonlinear Editing
Your Price: $75.95 CDN
Author: Thomas Ohanian
Publisher: Focal Press
Format: Hardcover
# of Pages: 313
Pub. Date: 1998
ISBN-10: 024080225X
ISBN-13: 9780240802251

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About the Book:

Nonlinear editing is the key topic in digital film and video today, and Digital Nonlinear Editing is the professional "bible" of the new era in post-production. The book details the procedural, creative, and technical fundamentals of editing moving images within a computer-based, interactive environment. You will understand not only what nonlinear editing is and how it works, but also how such systems can be used to achieve greater creative flexibility as well as cost and time savings.

The completely revised second edition chronicles a decade of digital nonlinear editing from home consumer editing applications to professional film and video editing systems. It provides in-depth explanations of digital video compression, storage, and networking; advances in digital video, computer processing power, the blurring of offline and online, digital storage advances, and desktop painting and compositing applications.

By far the most comprehensive book on the subject, Digital Nonlinear Editing details the growing role of compressed and digitized video in all types of communication. From the basics of traditional editing to the cutting edge of digital media, this is the book for every current and prospective communications professional.

What people say:

"One of the better texts available for understanding the basic advantages of nonlinear editing technology." — Videography

About the Author:

Thomas A. Ohanian is an accomplished strategist, designer, and inventor of digital media products and workflow solutions. During his tenure as a film and video editor he has worked on award-winning commercials, documentaries, industrials, television shows, and features. He is an Academy Award and a two-time Emmy recipient.