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Documentaries: And How to Make Them

Documentaries: And How to Make Them
Your Price: $41.95 CDN
Author: Andy Glynne
Publisher: Kamera Books
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 256
Pub. Date: 2012
ISBN-10: 1842433652
ISBN-13: 9781842433652

About the Book:

From dealing with ethical issues to lighting, sound, and how to find funding, the book Documentaries ...and how to make them is an essential starting point and reference for aspiring documentarians.

Documentaries are more popular now than ever before, increasingly prevalent both in cinemas and on TV. With affordable equipment on the market there is no better time to learn the nuts and bolts of documentary filmmaking. From the development of your initial idea, to screening your finished film for an audience, the book Documentaries ...and how to make them tells you all you need to know about the craft. It will enable you to make informed decisions, including which format to use, where to find crew and how to get your documentary distributed. A valuable resource for new and more experienced filmmakers alike, offering technical and creative solutions for the realization of documentaries in all shapes and sizes.

Author Andy Glynne subjects the whole documentary process to scrutiny with advice on the whole production process: Developing your concept and funding; Writing pitches and treatments; Interview technique; Narrative and writing commentary; Dealing with ethical issues; Camera technique, lighting and sound; Post-production, editing and grading; and Marketing, distribution, and film festivals.

Interviews with experienced professional from all areas of documentary-making offer essential advice and insights. Case studies of award-winning documentaries provide concrete examples of what can and has been achieved so far in the medium.

This edition has brand new sections on making multi-platform documentaries and developing social campaigns plus new interviews with key industry figures.

What people say:

"Everything you ever wanted to know about the nuts-and-bolts, from idea development to screening...." — Academy Magazine

"Essential reading ... Endlessly fascinating, this thorough guide to making a doc is a great read ... Five Stars." — Empire Magazine

"Funny, insightful, and realistic ... They're like filmmaking courses bound and at a fraction of the cost." — Library Journal

About the Author:

Andy Glynne is a BAFTA award-winning documentary filmmaker, and is the Founding Director of The Documentary Filmmakers Group (DFG), the UK's national organization to promote innovation and talent in documentary filmmaking. He is also Managing Director of the production company Mosaic Films. He has directed and produced numerous documentaries both in the UK and across the World, and has spent much of his career working with, and mentoring, new and emerging filmmakers.