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Dreams of a Drunken Quaker: Two Plays & A Rant

Dreams of a Drunken Quaker: Two Plays & A Rant
Your Price: $17.95 CDN
Author: Michael Green
Publisher: AB Collector Publishing
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 89
Pub. Date: 1992
ISBN-10: 1895466024
ISBN-13: 9781895466027

About the Play:

Dreams of a Drunken Quaker is a full-blood theatre book by Michael Green, the legendary co-founder and co-artistic director of Calgary's One Yellow Rabbit (OYR) theatre company. Michael Green subtitles the book as Two Plays & A Rant. The plays are Dreams of a Drunken Quaker and Naked West; the rant is a monologue entitled Yowl.

Dreams of a Drunken Quaker is a comic trilogy that consists of three seemingly unrelated parts: Blackmail House, a pas de deux for male dancers/voices; Horse Killer, a quest fairy tale about sheep, horses, dung beetles, and a hero named Iceland; and King Scabbard & I, a free-association word-and-image game between characters named Flesh and Stump, with an inflatable globe, a baby carriage, and an eight-candle ritual. (Premiered at Big Secret Theatre in 1990; Cast: 2 male)

Naked West is built around a trip undertaken by a quartet of hunters: Zane (a hunter/writer), Jim (a hunter/cowboy), Emmett (a hunter's hunter), and Virgil (a hunter, a mountain lion, and a beautiful woman). It is a dark journey into the conquering nature of humankind, where civilization is poured from the barrel of a gun and the dominance of all creatures is taken as an inherited right. (Premiered at Big Secret Theatre in 1992; Cast: 4 male)

Yowl is a witty and confrontational rant on censorship. The Allen Ginsberg-style rant was performed by Michael Green at Dalhousie University's Grad House, as part of a tour across Canada and Europe. (Cast: 1 male)

What people say:

"Jungian archetypes are played out within a pliable constantly changing atmosphere of surrealism ... smoothly weaves together playfully absurd comedy with nightmarish visions of apocalypse and debauchery." — Theatrum

"Larky orgiastic game of free-associations...." — The Edmonton Journal

About the Playwright:

Michael Green (1957-2015) was as an accomplished Canadian actor, writer, director, and cultural producer. He was co-founder and co-artistic director of Calgary's One Yellow Rabbit (OYR) theatre company, creator and curator of the city's High Performance Rodeo, creative director of Calgary 2012 and creative and executive producer of Making Treaty 7, which tells the story of the historic treaty agreement from the perspectives of those involved, including the First Nations. He was conferred an Alberta Centennial Medal in 2006.