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Easy Lenny Lazmon and the Great Western Ascension

Easy Lenny Lazmon and the Great Western Ascension
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Author: Anton Piatigorsky
Publisher: Playwrights Canada Press (cover image may change)
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 96
Pub. Date: 2000
ISBN-10: 0887545882
ISBN-13: 9780887545887
Cast Size: 2 female, 2 male

About the Play:

HARD TO FIND BOOK, only a very limited number of copies are still available.

Easy Lenny Lazmon and the Great Western Ascension is a full-length drama by Anton Piatigorsky. In this mystical road play, two exiled travellers head west on an abandoned desert road, searching for the promised land. Encountering a lonely old rancher and his strangely scarred wife, they glimpse the dreams and dangers of their quest.

Easy Lenny Lazmon and the Great Western Ascension is set in the present but evoking the dusty days of gun slingers, stage coaches, and saloons. In this post- modern horse opera, an idealistic, chaps-wearing Jewish cowboy, Easy (short for Ezekial), makes a pilgrimage through the desert in search of the mythical Great Western Coastal Ranch. En route, he hooks up with a pragmatic Alberta gal named Jesse Jameson. They, in turn, encounter a rabbinical rancher, Mayer (the mayor), and his wife Sophia, a mysterious woman whose face has been branded with the names of angels. A mystical journey exploring the mythology of western expansion, Jewish history and ancient religious traditions.

Easy Lenny Lazmon and the Great Western Ascension premiered in 1998 at Annex Theatre in Toronto and won a Dora Mavor Moore award (the Canadian equivalent of the Tony) for best new play.

Cast: 2 female, 2 male

What people say:

"Mindblowing." — NOW

About the Playwright:

Anton Piatigorsky is a Canadian playwright, librettist and fiction writer. His plays have received productions in Canada, the United States, and Australia. He has won numerous awards, including two Dora Mavor Moore awards for best new play, and the 2005 Elinore and Lou Siminovitch Protégé Award for playwriting. He was born and raised in the Washington DC area, studied at Brown University, and now lives in Toronto. He is presently teaching Research and Creative Writing in the Arts and Science program at McMaster University.