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The Eldritch Plays

The Eldritch Plays
Your Price: $18.95 CDN
Author: Eric Woolfe
Publisher: Scirocco Drama
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 176
Pub. Date: 2004
ISBN-10: 092048655X
ISBN-13: 9780920486559

About the Play:

The Eldritch Plays is a collection of three full-length plays by Eric Woolfe. This "suburban gothic trilogy" includes the well-received Sideshow of the Damned, the quintessential fringe show The Strange and Eerie Memoirs of Billy Wuthergloom, and the critically-acclaimed Grendelmaus. Gothic, witty and theatrical, the plays in this collection will introduce you to an irresistible and highly original dramatic voice whose unique style uses live actors combined with puppets, simple stylized special effects, humour, and horror. Visit Eric Woolfe's world – if you dare!

Sideshow of the Damned brings us a panoply of Eric Woolfe characters: mad scientists, werewolves, would-be necromancers and ghouls – juxtaposed against the quotidian, to great comic effect. The show's four vignettes are narrated by an evil Circus Barker who talks to us seamlessly through the scene transitions with more than a nod to Shakespeare and Shaw. (Premiered in 2001 at the Factory Studio in Toronto during the Summerworks Theatre Festival and transferred to the Tim Sims Playhouse at Second City; Cast: 2 women, 3 men)

What people say about Sideshow of the Damned:

"Mad Magazine meets Barnum and Bailey on Elm St… This carnival of the uncommonly common is a creep show of the first order! Yuck. And Yuck!" — The Toronto Star

"Gleeful Grand Guignol...gorily ripped from horror comics of the 50s!" — NOW Toronto

"It's raw, spirited, well-performed and, not incidentally, hugely entertaining." — Eye Magazine

The Strange and Eerie Memoirs of Billy Wuthergloom is a solo comedy that chronicles the adolescent travails of its title hero Billy, a small boy who leads a fairly ordinary life until puberty when he must negotiate the thorny path between childhood and what lies beyond. Life is not easy when there's a she-devil under your bed and a succubus at your shoulder. And what on or under earth could be stranger, eerier, downright scarier than looking in the mirror and failing to recognize yourself? (Premiered in 1999 at Toronto's Summerworks and transferred to both Buddies in Bad Times and London's Grand Theatre; Cast: 1 man)

What people say about The Strange and Eerie Memoirs of Billy Wuthergloom:

"Charming and Chilling at the same time." — NOW Toronto

"It's a charming work, my favourite so far at Summerworks." — The Toronto Star

Grendelmaus is a romantic tale of love and lust between a craven, washed-up grad student and his high-school dream girl, a retired circus acrobat. The two are reunited by their dull office jobs, but torn apart by an evil mouse given supernatural powers after nibbling on the body of the monster Grendel –the same one slain by Beowulf in the epic poem – as well as a finicky work supervisor, an eccentric mother, an ancient book of spells, and, naturally, love. (Premiered in 2002 at Berkley Street Theatre in Toronto; Cast: 1 woman, 1 man)

What people say about Grendelmaus:

"Four stars... If you are in the mood for theatrical whimsy, this is a show to relish." — The Toronto Star

"While it may borrow from myths and fairy tales and uses a number of colourful puppets as characters, the delightfully twisted fable Grendelmaus has definite adult appeal." — The Globe & Mail

"There's more inventiveness, intelligence, fun, heart and raw talent in Grendelmaus than you're likely to find combined in six or seven other plays of the same size." — Eye Magazine

About the Playwright:

Eric Woolfe is a Canadian actor, playwright, puppeteer and magician, and the Artistic Director of Eldritch Theatre, a Toronto Company specializing in horror plays using puppetry, live actors, and parlour magic. His works often explore a myriad of themes and often incorporate elements of the uncanny or supernatural. These plays seek to develop innovations in staging, including the extensive incorporation of various forms of puppetry, mask and a post-Brechtian approach to staging the fantastic. He is a three time nominee for the prestigious KM Hunter Memorial Award. The World Encyclopedia of Puppetry lists him as one of Canada's exciting new wave of notable puppeteers.

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