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The Film Director Prepares: A Practical Guide to Directing for Film & TV

The Film Director Prepares: A Practical Guide to Directing for Film & TV
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Author: Myrl A. Schreibman
Publisher: Lone Eagle
Format: Softcover with companion CD
# of Pages: 238
Pub. Date: 2007
ISBN-10: 1580650678
ISBN-13: 9781580650670

About the Book:

From script analysis to post production, The Film Director Prepares is the all-inclusive guide to directing for film and television. Written by director and producer Myrl Schreibman, this book offers practical insights on filmmaking, using real-life examples you won't learn in school.

The Film Director Prepares gives you an industry-insider's advice on:

• how to work with and get the best performances out of your actors;
• how to develop and trust your storytelling instinct;
• how to create storyboards and shot-lists and then break your dependence on them;
• types of shots and camera technique;
• coverage, from intimate to group scenes;
shot selection that will be in accord with your story and characters' motivations;
• adapting to various television formats such as sitcom, episodic drama, and reality; and
• how to create a cohesive on-set environment where you get the most out of every person on your creative team.

The Film Director Prepares includes a companion CD with interactive shot examples.

What people say:

"Myrl has written a book about the practical and creative issues that face film and television directors everywhere. Myrl's book focuses on the realities of the directing process and the need for directors to plan and to think creatively on their feet when faced with the real problems and limitations that productions often present ... The book is full of examples and excellent methods of understanding and handling problems of both talent and camera coverage. Based entirely on practical experience, it demonstrates that it is not only what you do as a director but also how much love you put into the doing." — Gil Gates, Director and Producer

About the Author:

Myrl A. Schreibman is an award-winning American producer-director and an adjunct professor at the UCLA Department of Film, Television, and Digital media. His producing and directing credits span over twenty years and include film, theatre and television projects. He lives in Los Angeles.