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Filming the Fantastic, 2nd Edition

Filming the Fantastic, 2nd Edition
Your Price: $68.50 CDN
Author: Mark Sawicki
Publisher: Focal Press
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 340
Pub. Date: 2011
Edition: 2nd
ISBN-10: 0240814738
ISBN-13: 9780240814735

About the Book:

Don't waste valuable time and budget fixing your footage in post! Shoot the effects you want effectively and creatively the first time.

Visual effects cinematography is the art of creating special effects during a film or video shoot using camerawork, optical illusions, and miniatures to create realistic-looking effects. Filming the Fantastic reveals the secrets of achieving these effects to filmmakers on a modest budget. Many effects are now created in postproduction (after the shoot) and require incredibly expensive workstations and 3D animation software that are beyond the reach of independent filmmakers.

Filming the Fantastic is a full-colour step-by step guide that empowers you plan out and execute professional visual effects during the shoot for little money. Visual effects artist and instructor Mark Sawicki teaches you to invent solutions and use your ingenuity to get it right the first time so you don't have to "fix it in post," a notoriously expensive and time-consuming process that derails many movies. Instead, learn how to put your shots together before you start shooting — whether you're working in digital or film.

This revised edition of Filming the Fantastic has been updated from start to finish, including new technology, even more inside secrets, HD, even more step-by-step illustrations, and more user-friendly advice from inside the trenches. You will learn how to effectively photograph and create miniatures, matte paintings, green screen setups, crowd replication, digital rear projection, replicate props, models, fire, smoke, floods, and explosions, and so much more — all to create elements that will composite together flawlessly.

What people say:

"It’s a remarkable volume, a book that describes how to achieve specific effects in precise detail without ever losing sight of the big picture – more than a manual on effects cinematography, Filming the Fantastic is a treatise on using effects as an expressive storytelling tool. Ultimately, the author's message is that an effects cinematographer has to 'adapt, improvise, and overcome'; readers will find it easier to do all three after absorbing the lessons of Filming the Fantastic." — American Cinematographer

"This step-by-step guide shows how to create visual effects during shooting rather than using computer graphics after shooting. This second edition reflects recent innovations in technology and equipment. Introductory chapters explain technical fundamentals of film and digital image capture, and later chapters cover specific types of effects such as stop motion, blue and green screen, miniatures and computer graphics, and the Cineon digital film system. Two chapters are devoted to cost cutting measures. Color photos, color screen shots, and photos of equipment illustrate techniques and effects on almost every page of the book." — SciTech Book News

"The fun stuff in the book is not just about war stories, shared from the comfort of an overstuffed armchair, but procedures that you can execute this weekend. As a VFX and Post Production supervisor, I know that the instruction in the book is not the full story, but it is for those who SHOOT the plates. Pairing up with a dynamic post production compositing team is a completely different phase in a long process of filmmaking. Shooting miniatures, simple practical photography tricks, and other 'it doesn't have to be complicated' tips fill the book. Plus, my absolute favorite part of the book – an introduction to some characters in the circus of production. Mark Sawicki has been teaching visual effects for over 20 years at UCLA Extension. This book is definitely some of the great teachings that Sawicki has to offer, relayed in a tone which you might find at an intellectual dinner conversation; not stuffy – just all of the stuff that is important to know (with a couple of jokes and war stories peppered in). If you've decided to start making movies on a small consumer camera, or if you've taken delivery of your second RED camera – check it out." — Digital Producer Magazine

About the Author:

Mark Sawicki is a Clio-award winning cameraman, visual effects artist, and actor. He has had many roles in the world of film, from teaching visual effects for over 20 years at the UCLA extension, authoring Filming the Fantastic, and being an independent stop motion animator on several MTV videos. He won an Emmy Certificate for his contribution to Star Trek (TV series), and contributed to such pictures as Premonition, The Black Dahlia, 40 Year Old Virgin, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.