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Filmmakers and Financing: Business Plans for Independents

Filmmakers and Financing: Business Plans for Independents
Your Price: $46.50 CDN
Author: Louise Levison
Publisher: Focal Press
Series: American Film Market Presents
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 289
Pub. Date: 2017
Edition: 8th
ISBN-10: 113894744X
ISBN-13: 9781138947443
About the Book:

The first, most crucial step in making a film is finding the funds to do it. Let Louise Levison, who wrote the innovative business plan for the most profitable independent film in history, The Blair Witch Project, show you how.

Now in its eighth edition, Filmmakers and Financing is devoted exclusively to business plans for filmmakers. Whether you're planning a feature, short, documentary, or large format film, this unique guide teaches you how to write a business plan that can be presented to a potential investor. In jargon-free terms, it explains in a step-by-step format how to write a business plan and includes access to a password-protected site that offers a downloadable course for writing your plan and other proven tips for attracting financing.

Each chapter concentrates on a different section of the business plan, including the industry, marketing, financing, distribution. There are supplementary exercises and spreadsheets so you get comfortable crunching the numbers — no math degree required!

This edition contains completely revised and updated industry data, updated information on the market for short films, as well as a chapter on nontraditional films, such as documentaries.

What people say:

"An excellent, insightful guide to attracting financing for indie films. Louise Levison takes a sane, balanced approach to research, comparables and projections, achieving honest outlooks in business plans that are accurate and convincing to equity investors. An important tool for filmmakers and producers seeking innovative financing models." — Danny Glover, Actor/Director/Producer

"Thank you so much for all your help from the business plan to the emails and introductions. You have helped this film become what it is today." — Robin Cowie, Producer, The Blair Witch Project

"If Louise Levison's Filmmakers & Financing were only about business plans it would be worth more than its cover price. In addition, Levison gives sage, savvy and clear introductions to every important aspect of film business – marketing, distribution, varieties of investors, financing options — it's all here, including a sample business plan. This book is a 'must have' for any filmmaker's bookshelf." — Morrie Warshawski, Consultant, and author of Shaking the Money Tree: How to Get Grants and Donations for Film and Video

"Levison's book gives filmmakers an inspiring and coherent merger of plain English, film lingo, and traditional business-speak. It helped me create a straightforward and thorough business plan that ultimately raised $2 million for my new project." — Stu Pollard, Producer/Director, Keep Your Distance

"A 'must have' educational and reference tool to help you conquer current industry practices regarding finance, production and distribution. Louise has consistently delivered a plethora of information that is easy for a beginning filmmaker to understand, while at the same time very useful to the entertainment veteran. No filmmaker’s library would be complete without it." — J. David Williams, Distributor, Shiloh and The Omega Code

"Even if you only wrote the script, this is a real important book to read. It will help you understand the market in terms of how independent film companies structure deals with screenwriters. And if you just aren’t finding a market for your script and have considered making the film yourself, Levison's book is one of the best places to start if you want to find out what you are up against in terms of the kind of dollars you will need, where and how to get them, and the best strategy for getting your hands on the dough. To paraphrase the perennial Passover question: Why is this film financing book different than all other film financing books? It’s pretty simple. No one tackles the dilemma of screenwriters who design to turn their script into independent features as succinctly and logically as Levison does. If you want to make an independent feature you need money, which means you need a business plan, which means you need Levison. Project outlines, industry overview, marketing, sample business plans, distribution, financial planning, loans and partnerships are all included." — Jeffrey M. Freedman for Script Magazine

"Need money for a movie? Here's the road map every indie filmmaker needs to find it. It worked for me!" — Paul Sirmons, Director/Producer, The First of May and Forevermore Films

About the Author:

Louise Levison is President of Business Strategies, a consulting firm specializing in business plan packaging and venture capital financing in Sherman Oaks, California. She holds an M.B.A. in finance and is a visiting lecturer in the Department of Entertainment Studies of the Extension Program at UCLA.