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The Film That Changed My Life

The Film That Changed My Life
Your Price: $18.95 CDN
Author: Robert K. Elder
Publisher: Chicago Review Press
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 293
Pub. Date: 2011
ISBN-10: 1556528256
ISBN-13: 9781556528255

About the Book:

Critical discussions about cinematic influence.

The movie that inspired filmmakers to direct is like a spiritual light-bulb that went on right before their eyes. The Film That Changed My Life captures that first encounter with the film that inspired them to direct movies.

"Rebel Without a Cause" inspired John Woo to comb his hair and talk like James Dean. For Richard Linklater, "something was simmering in me, but "Raging Bull" brought it to a boil." "Apocalypse Now" inspired Danny Boyle to make larger-than-life films. A single line from "The Wizard of Oz" — "Who could ever have thought a good little girl like you could destroy all my beautiful wickedness?" — had a direct impact on John Waters. "That line inspired my life," Waters says. "I sometimes say it to myself before I go to sleep, like a prayer."

In The Film That Changed My Life, directors as diverse as George Romero, Peter Bogdanovich, Michel Gondry, and Kevin Smith examine classic movies that inspired them to tell stories. Spanning several generations — from newcomers to Oscar Award-winning veterans — here are 30 inspired and inspiring discussions of classic films that shaped the careers of today's directors and, in turn, cinema history. This book is written for a wide audience – promoting the discovery and love of film.

What people say:

"If you love films, and care about filmmakers, you’ll have a hard time putting this book down once you dive in." — Leonard Maltin, author and film critic

"Elder has done us all a favor: Read this book, then go to your video store or to Netflix and see for yourself why these movies made the cut." — Lawrence Grobel, author

"A great and provocative read. The wonderful thing about being a critic or a lifelong movie lover is that life changes all the time in relation to the spells being cast on the screen. Elder's book honors that alchemic relationship many times over. It's addictive." — Michael Phillips, film critic

About the Author:

Robert K. Elder is an American journalist and teacher. He has contributed articles to the Chicago Tribune, the New York Times, Onion AV Club, and many other publications. A Montana native and graduate of the University of Oregon, he lives and writes in Chicago.

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