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Filthy Shakespeare: Shakespeare's Most Outrageous Sexual Puns

Filthy Shakespeare <em>Shakespeare's Most Outrageous Sexual Puns</em> by Pauline Kiernan Filthy Shakespeare: Shakespeare's Most Outrageous Sexual Puns
Your Price: $15.00 CDN
Author: Pauline Kiernan
Publisher: Gotham
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 304
Pub. Date: 2007
ISBN-10: 1592404014
ISBN-13: 9781592404018

About the book:

Celebrating the Bard in all his bawdy glory, a hilarious and insightful look into the down-and-dirty sexual puns lurking in Shakespeare’s body of work.

London's Elizabethan theatres were located in the seedy part of town, close to whorehouses but never far from Puritanical scorn. In that climate, Shakespeare became a master of the double entendre, crafting lines and scenes that unfolded in a variety of meanings — the wickedly funny, the suggestively erotic, and even hard-hitting send-ups of corrupt politicians and clerics.

From The Two Gentlemen of Verona to The Tempest and King Lear, the plays and poems pulsate with puns on body parts and what they do, and reveal shocking meanings beneath the brilliant codes.

Shakespeare's genius lies in his matchless understanding of the human condition, but for centuries we've been deprived of the full extent of one of his most brilliant dramatic devices. Finally, acclaimed Shakespearean scholar Pauline Kiernan unlocks the meaning behind the coded words. Filthy Shakespeare presents more than 70 examples of the Bard at his raunchiest, with each passage translated into modern English and the hidden meanings of the original words explained. A fascinating introduction shows how Shakespeare’s amazing range of wordplay had its roots in the social and political reality of Elizabethan and Jacobean England.

Revealing and riotously funny, Filthy Shakespeare is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to rediscover the master of the sexual pun at his most inventive, and an intriguing look into the richness and complexity of Shakespeare’s language and his world.

What they say:

"It's a romp of a read in which the author presents an original passage then puts it into modern-day English." — Associated Press

"…you will find Filthy Shakespeare great fun." — Times Literary Supplement

"…a beautifully presented guide to Elizabethan filth." — The Observer (voted one of the Best Books of 2006)

"…a work of scholarship dressed up, with brilliant design, as titillation." — The Spectator

"…who knew the hidden sexual innuendos within the Bard’s works! This new book has unearthed loads of them." — Company Magazine

"…goes some way towards wiping out that sneaking feeling you often get when reading the Bard’s sublime verse that you’re not quite in on the joke…fascinating." — The Guardian

About the Author:

Dr. Pauline Kiernan holds a doctorate from the University of Oxford, where she taught for many years, and is the author of the acclaimed Shakespeare’s Theory of Drama. She was appointed Leverhulme Research Fellow to work on productions at the new Globe on Bankside in its first years. Her scholarship on Shakespeare and Renaissance Drama has captivated worldwide audiences.