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The Freelance Writer's Bible: Your Guide to a Profitable Writing Career Within One Year

The Freelance Writer's Bible: Your Guide to a Profitable Writing Career Within One Year
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Author: David Trottier
Publisher: Silman-James Press
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 258
Pub. Date: 2014
ISBN-10: 1879505851
ISBN-13: 9781879505858

About the Book:

The Freelance Writer's Bible unites four practical workbooks under one cover.

• Discover your creative vision: Find yourself as a writer.
• Write with freedom and confidence: Break through your fears and achieve higher levels of creativity and writing excellence.
• Sell to 17 key writing markets: Learn how to make money in every profitable writing area.
• Create your strategic marketing plan: Design the master plan for your writing career.

Learn what you need know to successfully write and sell novels, nonfiction books, children's books, technical manuals, magazine and newspaper articles and columns, business copy, speeches, humor, scripts for movies, TV, radio, stage, and interactive media, and more.

Learn about setting up your writing business, getting off to a fast and profitable start, turning writing blocks into stepping stones, staying focused with a master plan and weekly action plans, writing great query letters, getting writing assignments, enjoying a competitive edge, getting paid before you write, doubling your writing income, and much more.

What people say:

"Dave writes with obvious respect for writers. He goes deep into the heart and head with advice that leads to success. A first-class book." — Lucille S. deView, syndicated columnist and writing coach for major newspapers

"Provides not only the nuts and bolts, but also the power tools. I learned to write from Dave's books." — Donna Davidson, award-winning novelist

"A wonderfully helpful guide for anyone who wants to start writing--and keep writing." — Stedman Mays, literary agent

"A must-have book for writers who want to turn their hobby into a real business. Dave provides tips, tools and rules of writer etiquette which will make your queries stand out from the hundreds of others that cross an editor's desk each week. Don't miss this investment in your career." — Shelly Mellott, Editor-in-Chief, Scr(i)pt Magazinee

"Dave, what you have to say about business writing is right on target." — Jim Fisher, copywriter

About the Author:

David Trottier is a writer, a script consultant, a producer, and a popular screenwriting teacher who has developed and perfected The Screenwriter's Bible during the many years that he has spent helping screenwriters attain their goals.