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From Start to Stardom

From Start to Stardom
Your Price: $23.50 CDN
Author: Lisa London
Publisher: CreateSpace
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 180
Pub. Date: 2014
ISBN-10: 1493771442
ISBN-13: 9781493771448

About the Book:

Lisa London has been discovering new talent for over 25 years in her role as a top Hollywood Casting Director. Her experience with Hollywood began earlier during her childhood years when she accompanied her famous father, Television Director Jerry London, to the sets. Even then, she had an eye for talent as she watched well-known actors work.

In From Start to Stardom, she will take you on a step by step journey, laying out what you need to know to have the best shot at stardom. Never before have so many details and insider secrets been revealed in such a way that is easy to understand and apply. Subtitled The Casting Director's Guide for Aspiring Actors, the key to your success as a professional actor may be just be a chapter away.

Today, thanks to computers, the internet and digital video, anyone in North America and even the world can audition for TV or film roles. In this book Lisa London will give you the basic, professional level information necessary to be taken seriously by the Casting Directors, Agents and Managers that are the gatekeepers of the entertainment industry. From Start to Stardom includes:

• How do you get started as an actor?
• How to make the most of your headshots and resume?
• When and how do you get an agent or manager?
• Charisma over credits, which is more important?
• Steps on how to audition.
• How to find resources regardless of where you live.
• What does a casting director look for?
• Why do some actors get call backs and most do not?
• Plus interviews with working Hollywood professionals and much more....

What people say:

"Best book ever! Lisa really gives us the inside track on how to make it as an actor! There's so much to learn when getting started in Hollywood and this book is smart, concise and very insightful! A true must-have for every parent and actor." — Tish Cyrus (Miley's Mom)

"What a great book Lisa tells it like it is. I followed much of her advice and ended up making my dream come true of being on a Disney Channel series." — Adam Irigoyen, actor: Shake It Up

"As both an Actor and Executive Producer, I think Lisa's book is fantastic! She really explains the process of casting so an actor can understand what they need to do. As a former 3-Time NBA World Champion, I know a winner when I see one. From Start to Stardom is your key to a successful career." — Rick Fox, Actor and Executive Producer

"Lisa London is a phenomenal resource for any actor, both new and seasoned, and her book is a wonderful tool and must-have for those wanting to know what's what in the entertainment industry." — Sarah Shyn, Manager, 3 Arts Entertainment

"Lisa's book From Start to Stardom is an invaluable and amazing tool for actors of any age. I have known Lisa London for 20 years and she is a true gift to the entertainment business. Lisa is a wealth of information and she is one of the few people in Hollywood that cares." — Cindy Osbrink, Owner/Agent, The Osbrink Agency

"I wish this book was available when I graduated from college and started auditioning. It's so great to hear this advice from a casting director's perspective. And Lisa is the best! I should know she gave me my first TV job and we've been friends ever since." — Megan Hilty, Actor: Sean Saves The World, Wicked

About the Author:

Lisa London, CSA, has been a casting director for more than 60 films and television shows. Over the last 25 years, she has cast projects for Sony, Disney Channel, HBO, Nickelodeon, Screen Gems, Universal, Columbia Pictures, and ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and Amazon.