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From Word to Image: Storyboarding and the Filmmaking Process

From Word to Image: Storyboarding and the Filmmaking Process
Your Price: $35.95 CDN
Author: Marcie Begleiter
Publisher: Michael Wiese Productions
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 266
Pub. Date: 2010
Edition: 2nd
ISBN-10: 193290767X
ISBN-13: 9781932907674

About the Book:

Updated edition of best selling book on storyboarding.

Never before have the means of cinematic storytelling been put into the hands of so many. Thousands of new storytellers are taking advantage of media that did not exist a decade ago. With entry-level HD recorders, even beginning students have access to low-cost, professional-quality image making. However, there's no digital replacement for the skills needed to visualize a film and plan its execution. From Word to Image by Marcie Begleiter will help you master the steps of translating a written story into a sequence of moving images. This is a guidebook to creating your visual script.

From Word to Image is used a textbook and recommended text in film, animation and graphic design programs around the world. New contents in this revised 2nd edition include:
• The Use of Colour in Visual Storytelling
• New Interviews about the Use of Previsualization Techniques for Animation, New Media, and Visual Effects
• Revised and Expanded Appendices

What people say:

"Begleiter has given the subject its own place in the sun through this groundbreaking practical guide and historic companion." — DGA Magazine

"Begleiter's book is very thorough; 18 years of experience in the motion-picture industry have given her the tools to illustrate complex concepts with great visual immediacy." — American Cinematographer

"The book teaches the importance of putting vision on paper… regardless of budget or artistic ability." — Indie Slate

"From Word to Image is wonderful not only as an examination of the how-to's of storyboard art, but is full of rich film history. It demystifies an aspect of filmmaking that benefits everyone involved; from directors, to cinematographers, to production designers." — Joe Petricca, Executive Vice Dean, AFI Conservatory

"This bright and gracious work is so clear in its intent and organization that it instantly seems a film instruction classic and a must for visual artist as well as filmmaker. Ms. Begleiter defines image making with so much clarity as to open a new door in one's mind. The book speaks: this is what you do and how, now get going!" — Richard Hoover, Production Designer: Girl Interrupted, Dead Man Walking

"A wonderfully logical book about a precise tool to use in an illogical medium — >b>Marcie Begleiter's process is a visual and organizational assist to any filmmaker trying to shift from story in words to story in moving image." — Joan Tewkesbury, Director: Felicity, Screenwriter: Nashville

"Finally! A definitive book for directors and producers to learn and appreciate the great support of storyboarding." — Nancy Malone, Co-founder of Women in Film

About the Author:

Marcie Begleiter is an author, educator, and designer specializing in visualization and interdisciplinary design solutions. She founded Filmboards, a visualization agency whose client list includes Paramount, Tristar, New Line, and ABC. In academia, she was Founding Director of the Integrated Learning Program, a multidisciplinary design curriculum at Otis College of Art and Design. She has also served on the faculties of the International Film School in Cologne, Germany; the American Film Institute (AFI); and Art Center College of Design.