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Game Engine Architecture

Game Engine Architecture
Your Price: $102.25 CDN
Author: Jason Gregory
Foreword by: Richard Lemarchand
Publisher: A K Peters/CRC Press
Format: Hardcover
# of Pages: 1052
Pub. Date: 2014
Edition: 2nd
ISBN-10: 1466560010
ISBN-13: 9781466560017

About the Book:

The book Game Engine Architecture by Jason Gregory presents the theory underlying various subsystems that comprise a commercial game engine as well as the data structures, algorithms, and software interfaces that are typically used to implement them. It primarily focuses on the engine itself, including a host of low-level foundation systems, the rendering engine, the collision system, the physics simulation, character animation, and audio. An in-depth discussion on the "gameplay foundation layer" delves into the game's object model, world editor, event system, and scripting system. The text also touches on some aspects of gameplay programming, including player mechanics, cameras, and AI.

Hailed as a "must-have textbook" (CHOICE), the first edition of Game Engine Architecture provided readers with a complete guide to the theory and practice of game engine software development. Updating the content to match today's landscape of game engine architecture, this revised edition continues to thoroughly cover the major components that make up a typical commercial game engine. New to this Second Edition of Game Engine Architecture:

Information on new topics, including the latest variant of the C++ programming language, C++11, and the architecture of the eighth generation of gaming consoles, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4
• New chapter on audio technology covering the fundamentals of the physics, mathematics, and technology that go into creating an AAA game audio engine
• Updated sections on multicore programming, pipelined CPU architecture and optimization, localization, pseudovectors and Grassman algebra, dual quaternions, SIMD vector math, memory alignment, and anti-aliasing
• Insight into the making of Naughty Dog's latest hit, The Last of Us

What people say:

"… this book is the best of its kind, and you're lucky to have found it. It covers the huge field of game engine architecture in a succinct, clear way, and expertly balances the breadth and depth of its coverage, offering enough detail that even a beginner can easily understand the concepts it presents. The author, Jason Gregory, is not only a world expert in his field; he's a working programmer with production-quality knowledge and many shipped game projects under his belt. … Jason is also an experienced educator who has taught in the top-ranked university game program in North America. … the many detailed code samples and implementation examples in this book will help you understand just how the pieces come together in a great game. By helping you in this way, Jason's book might just empower you to outstrip even the most audacious dreams of history's best game designers and developers." — From the Foreword by Richard Lemarchand

About the Author:

Jason Gregory is lead gameplay programmer at Naughty Dog, a Los Angeles-based company owned by Sony Computer Entertainment America. A graduate of the University of Waterloo in Ontario, he has worked as a software engineer in the games industry since March 1999, and as a professional software engineer since 1994. He got his start in game programming at Midway Home Entertainment. In 2003, he moved to Electronic Arts Los Angeles, where he worked on engine and game play technology. The author of the book Game Engine Architecture, he has also developed and taught courses in game technology at the University of Southern California.