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How to Sell Yourself as an Actor From New York to Los Angeles , and Everywhere in Between!,

How to Sell Yourself as an Actor<br> by K Callan How to Sell Yourself as an Actor From New York to Los Angeles , and Everywhere in Between!,
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Author: K Callan
Publisher: Sweden Press
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 224
Pub. Date: 2008
Edition: 6th
ISBN-10: 187835521X
ISBN-13: 9781878355218
About the book:

In How to Sell Yourself as an Actor, actress K Callen sets us straight right from the start, explaining that knowing how to act doesn't ipso facto make you an actor.

If you're one of those actors who refuses to think of themselves as a product which must be sold, and prefers to believe that acting is just about art, Callan puts things in perspective: "show business is about making money: art is extra".

Callan's no-nonsense book provides both newly arrived and long-arrived actors with the nuts and bolts information about how to be more saleable to casting people, agents, producers and directors.

On any given day, 85% of the over 100,000 members of The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) are out of work. Callan has always been a part of the working 15% and is living proof that it's possibly to not only act and make a living, but also raise a family and live a balanced life. More importantly, she encourages you to call upon your courage, vision and entrepreneurial skills to take your career in your own hands and stop waiting to be asked to work.

What people say:

"This tough little book makes it clear that an actor in America is a small businessman selling a product that nobody particularly wants. Waiting for someone to place an order won't do. …K Callan shows the young actor how to maintain dignity while merchandising the product." — Los Angeles Times

"Besides including practical information on such subjects as how to find an agent and how to audition, actress-author K Callan tosses in advice on how to get organized and how to assess one's job getting potential in the marketplace. This book should come in handy for anyone considering an acting career." — Variety

About the Author:

K Callan is an actress with extensive credits in film, television and theater. In addition to her work as an actor, she has also authored a string of showbiz reference books.