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How to Write Dazzling Dialogue: The Fastest Way to Improve Any Manuscript

How to Write Dazzling Dialogue: The Fastest Way to Improve Any Manuscript
Your Price: $15.95 CDN
Author: James Scott Bell
Publisher: Compendium Press
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 136
Pub. Date: 2014
ISBN-10: 0910355142
ISBN-13: 9780910355148

About the Book:

There is one sure-fire way of improving your screenplay or novel fast...

You may know the fundamentals of how to write fiction. You may be more than competent in plot, structure and characters. But if your dialogue is dull it will drag the whole story down.

On the other hand, if your dialogue is crisp and full of tension it immediately grabs the reader. You know it when you hear it – dialogue that sparkles on the page and practically begs to be read out loud. And if that reader is a Hollywood script reader or publishing editor, sharp dialogue will give them instant assurance that you know what you're doing as a writer.

Writing a hot screenplay or bestseller is no easy task, but dazzling dialogue is an absolute essential if you want to get there. The best part is, the skills of the dialogue craft are easy to understand and put into practice. Best-selling author and veteran writing coach James Scott Bell has put together and expanded upon the dialogue lectures from his popular writing seminars. In How to Write Dazzling Dialogue you'll learn:

What fictional dialogue is ... and isn't
The 11 secrets of crafting memorable dialogue
The 5 essential tasks of dialogue
5 ways to improve your dialogue ear
4 can't-miss methods to increase conflict and tension
The top 10 dialogue issues, and how to resolve them

You'll also see dazzling dialogue in action with examples from hit screenplays and novels. You can learn a lot from watching movies and analyzing and taking them apart and putting them back together again, and with a screenplay, first of all, you're writing mostly dialogue, and you're really getting into a scene and out of a scene without a lot of hesitation, and that's really a great skill that many novelists need to learn, too.

Don't sabotage your chances of selling your work to producers or publishers because the dialogue is unexceptional. Dazzle them with what the characters say. How to Write Dazzling Dialogue will give you the tools to do it.

About the Author:

James Scott Bell writes best-selling and award-winning thriller novels, teaches writing, and works as a screenwriter in Los Angeles.