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Human Nature: The Shooting Script

Human Nature: The Shooting Script
Your Price: $26.95 CDN
Author: Charlie Kaufman
Publisher: Newmarket Press
Series: Newmarket Shooting Script
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 122
Pub. Date: 2002
ISBN-10: 1557045097
ISBN-13: 9781557045096

About the Screenplay:

Human Nature is a screenplay by Charlie Kaufman. His unconventional world view is once again in evidence in this powerful satirical exploration of a civilization that idealizes both nature and culture. A philosophical burlesque about an obsessive scientist, a female naturalist, and their discovery — a man raised in the wild.

Human Nature marks Michel Gondry's feature film debut. He has directed the videos for Bjork since 1993, as well as videos for The Rolling Stones, Beck, Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, Foo Fighters, Lenny Kravitz, Sheryl Crow, Cibbo Matto, and the White Stripes, among others.

Produced by Anthony Bregman and Ted Hope of Good Machine, along with Spike Jonze and Kaufman, the cast includes Patricia Arquette (Lila), Rhys Ifans (Puff), Miranda Otto (Gabrielle), Tim Robbins (Nathan), Robert Forster (Nathan's Dad), Rosie Perez (Louise), and Mary Kay Place (Nathan's Mom).

In the interview, Charlie Kaufman reveals, in his trademark style, how he wrote his first screenplay post-Being John Malkovich "without the shackles of portals or head invasions," detailed accounts of his inspiration for the distinctive characters, including the trainer who teaches elk to tap dance and influenced Nathan's character, and his approach to writing dialogue ("Because Puff was so naive and childlike at first, it gave me the opportunity to write really direct, basic, emotionally-clean lines, like 'I am Puff.'")

Human Nature contains a facsimile of the shooting script, an interview with writer Charlie Kaufman, a 16-page colour still insert, and full cast and crew credits.

What people say:

"Written by Charlie Kaufman, who penned the clever Being John Malkovich, Human Nature has some hilariously bizarre moments along with a highly original premise." — USA Today

"Human Nature is the year's happiest surprise, a movie that deals with a real subject in an always surprising way." — The Journal News

"[Kaufman's] inventions here lead us down strange comic byways...." — Chicago Sun-Times

About the Screenwriter:

Charlie Kaufman is an American screenwriter, producer, and director. Initially coming from a background in theater and film, he went practically overnight from being just another former television writer trying to break into features to one the industry's hottest talents, all thanks to one film: Being John Malkovich. His works include Human Nature, Adaptation (PEN Screenplay Winner), Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Oscar-winner for Best Original Screenplay) and Synecdoche, New York (which marked his directorial debut).

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