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I Liked It, Didn't Love It

I Liked It, Didn't Love It
Your Price: $34.95 CDN
Author: Rona Edwards and Monika Skerbelis
Publisher: Edwards Skerbelis Entertainment
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 368
Pub. Date: 2016
Edition: 3rd
ISBN-10: 0692596682
ISBN-13: 9780692596685

About the Book:

The most commonly used rejection line spewed by studio executive honchos when passing on a script is, "I liked it, didn't love it." What happens to your screenplay or novel when it leaves your hands and is submitted to a studio or production company? Who are the studio players? What's the difference between an agent and a manager? What exactly does a creative development exec do? How does the writer and producer work within the studio development process? What does "in development" really mean? Industry Pros Rona Edwards and Monika Skerbelis answer those questions and more in this newly revised, greatly expanded 3rd edition of their critically acclaimed book, I Liked it, Didn’t Love It (Screenplay Development From the Inside Out), long considered the quintessential bible on development.

I Liked it, Didn’t Love It is a required textbook at universities worldwide for writing, producing, and development courses, the book sheds light on the inner workings of the feature film and TV development process, who all the players are, and how they fit together as content creators at film studios, TV networks, agencies, and production companies. Rona Edwards and Monika Skerbelis tackle how to find new ideas, what it takes to be a development executive or a story analyst, tips on pitching, and how television and the Internet are changing and evolving, creating greater opportunities for storytellers. There's so much choice, so many platforms, so much creative content. It's an exciting time for content creators!

Are you ready for Hollywood? Get the answers from Rona Edwards and Monika Skerbelis who have a voice that engages you without being patronizing, that informs you without being stodgy, that enlightens you without being over your head. Through personal experiences and examples they'll teach you what it takes to make it in Hollywood as a development executive, producer, writer or director. Now expanded to include more television, including streaming TV and a breakdown of movies, mini-series, limited series and series television. Chapters also include exercises that will you find new ideas and developing them as well as offer tips on pitching your projects, a comprehensive resource chapter and much, much more.

What people say:

"I Liked It, Didn't Love It is a uniquely valuable roadmap to the brutal fantasyland we call Hollywood." — Fade In Magazine

"I Liked It, Didn’t Love It is a must-read for anyone who aspires to be, or already is, making the rounds in any film studio, television network or production company." — Script Magazine

"Ultimately, this book is a must-have for anyone interested in participating in the development process whether as a writer, producer or executive." — Produced By Magazine

"…consider making this the next book you pick up. It may well be the thing that gives you that keen inside edge over the other writers who just pitched before you." — Creative Screenwriting Magazine

About the Author:

Rona Edwards worked as Vice President of Creative Affairs for Emmy-winner John Larroquette (Night Court), Academy-Award Winner Michael Phillips (Close Encounters Of The Third Kind) and Emmy-winner Fern Field (Monk) before she becoming an independent producer. She currently teaches a wide variety of courses including Visual Storytelling, Screenwriting Fundamentals, Creative Producing and Development, and Maneuvering Film Festivals As an Assistant Professor at Chapman University.

Monika Skerbelis is a former Vice President of Creative and Executive Story Editor for Universal Pictures' story department. Prior to Universal, she was Story Editor for 20th Century Fox and began her career as an assistant in the Story Department for Paramount Pictures. She is a programming director for The American Pavilion Emerging Filmmaker Showcase at the Cannes Film Festival and was the artistic & programming director for the Big Bear Lake International Film Festival for 14 years. She teaches feature film development at UCLA Extension, Riverside City College, and also taught Basic Screenwriting at Chapman University.