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Kids Guide to Movie Making

Kids Guide to Movie Making
Your Price: $20.00 CDN
Author: Shelley Frost
Publisher: CreateSpace
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 76
Pub. Date: 2011
ISBN-10: 1456525069
ISBN-13: 9781456525064

About the Book:

Kids Guide To Movie Making is a book for today's creative, technically savvy child who just needs the tools to set them on their journey of making their own feature film. For children who love acting, film making, and the performing arts, Kids Guide To Movie Making is a middle grade, nonfiction activity book that provides them with the how-to's they need to make compelling movies with strong characters and stories audiences will enjoy.

Over the years in neighbourhoods across North America, children have formed their own private "theater companies," performing plays on makeshift stages with bed sheet curtains draped over clotheslines. Nowadays, children still create their own plays, but with easy to use video cameras, computer video editing software and You Tube, children by the thousands are making and showing their own movies too! That is why Shelley Frost developed the Make-A-Movie program. She has taught Make-A-Movie Workshops to several hundred children at private and public schools, recreation departments and in private homes. She has also booked dozens of Make-A-Movie birthday parties and events involving over 1000 children.

With Kids Guide To Movie Making, children will have the opportunity to learn how to be a Movie Director on their own movie set with easy to understand guidelines and descriptions. Throughout the book are HOT TIPS! that will give the reader special insights geared to making their movie production problem free. The final pages are filled with helpful movie making materials such as sample scripts, shooting schedules, storyboard layout and more.

What people say:

"A lot of times a kid can have an idea, but what will he do with it? Kids Guide To Movie Making gives kids an opportunity to take an idea, put it in action, and see it come to fruition." — Mary Doherty, Recreation Supervisor, City of Belmont

"Kids Guide to Movie Making ... is intended for technologically savvy kids who want to go beyond the basics of video production. The book is largely based on her Make-A-Movie workshops, where children spend up to several weeks developing and filming stories. The book provides sample scripts, as well as guidelines on how to create storyboards and shooting schedules." — San Mateo County Times

About the Author:

Shelley Frost teaches drama and acting to schools in the San Francisco Bay Area for the San Carlos Children's Theater (SCCT). She has written over 30 movie scripts, and directed 100 movies starring over a thousand children. Shelley has appeared on Oprah, Dateline NBC and in People Magazine. With the help of two siblings, she started the SCCT program to help kids with autism and Asperger's syndrome develop social skills.