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Knives in Hens

Knives in Hens
Your Price: $21.95 CDN
Author: David Harrower
Introduction by: Mark Fisher
Publisher: Methuen Drama
Series: Modern Classics
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 64
Pub. Date: 2015
ISBN-10: 1472574311
ISBN-13: 9781472574312

About the Play:

Knives in Hens is a full-length drama by David Harrower. A ploughman and his wife live a simple existence in a pre-industrial time, until the hated local miller ensnares them in a struggle of knowledge, power and attraction. Knives in Hens is widely acknowledged as a modern Scottish classic.

Knives in Hens is a brutal fable set in a timeless spartan rural community; an unsettling and threatening love triangle emerges between the young woman, the ploughman and the hated miller. As the young woman journeys from ignorance to knowledge, her liberation is found through language and her need to name things to understand their place and hers in the world. Knives in Hens is a remarkable play about the transformative power of knowledge and an emerging consciousness as the world moves from rural to the urban and industrial.

Knives in Hens premiered in 1995 at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh and transferred to the Bush Theatre in London. His first professionally produced work, it was quickly hailed as a masterpiece. It has since become one of the best-known Scottish theatrical works of recent times, and has been performed in more than 25 countries.

Cast: 1 woman, 2 men

What people say:

"This elliptical, starkly poetic modern classic marked the 1995 debut of the playwright David Harrower. It's an austerely beautiful drama set in a pre-industrial village, where a young woman who learns to write is liberated from darkness, ignorance and fear by the ignited spark of knowledge. Pungent with love, sex and death, it is savage, slippery, and Harrower wields his words with flinty precision." — The Times

"An outstanding... play, David Harrower's Knives in Hens is set in a God-fearing, pre-industrial world and deals, passionately and intelligently with a woman's discovery of a language that corresponds with her feelings... A remarkable debut." — The Guardian

"David Harrower's remarkable debut as a professional dramatist creates a haunting, poetic and entirely individual world of its own. I have never seen a play quite like it... You leave the theatre in no doubt that you have watched one of the year's most heartening and accomplished debuts. Harrower already seems like a writer built to last." — Daily Telegraph

About the Playwright:

David Harrower is a Scottish playwright. Born and brought up in Edinburgh, he now lives and writes in Glasgow. The author of seven original plays, plus numerous adaptations, he is often called the most talented Scottish playwright of his generation.

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