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Laurel & Hardy: From the Forties Forward

Laurel & Hardy: From the Forties Forward
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Author: Scott MacGillivray
Publisher: Vestal Press
# of Pages: 216
Pub. Date: 1998
ISBN-10: 187951141X
ISBN-13: 9781879511415

About the Book:

Laurel & Hardy: From the Forties Forward is a ground-breaking look at the duo's films during and after the war years!

Air Raid Wardens, The Dancing Masters, A-Haunting We Will Go ... do these titles sound familiar? Despite the many books in print on the famed comedy team Laurel & Hardy, few discuss their classic movies of the 1940s. Even to dedicated fans, Laurel & Hardy's wartime movies remain relatively unknown, despite their first-run success. The later years of this comedy team have also been long-neglected by film critics, sometimes even dismissed in the space of a footnote or a few paragraphs. Film buffs and fans have long bemoaned the lack of accessible material.

In this ground-breaking work, Scott MacGillivray convincingly demonstrates that these films are worthy of study and appreciation. Painstaking research, coupled with 80 great photographs and movie stills, result in an essential book for any Laurel & Hardy fan.

What people say:

"What a marvelous book! I read it straight through, getting happier by the minute to think that more and more material is being set into history about the boys. The writing is so lucid – and that in this day of film books that aren't is high praise. Really wonderful!." — John McCabe, Laurel & Hardy's authorized biographer

"Scott MacGillivray has accomplished something that most historians can only dream of doing: overturning the conventional wisdom... he rewrites the book on the movie-comedy team." — Boston Herald

"To write a book about screen performers as well covered as these two and still present a wealth of heretofore unpublished information is quite an accomplishment." — Film Quarterly

"MacGillivray takes great pains to provide the context necessary to reassess these films after so many years of knee-jerk dismissal and neglect... His book will remain the definitive study of the late years of the Laurel and Hardy phenomenon." — Minnesota Public Radio

About the Author:

Scott MacGillivray is an American non-fiction author specializing in motion picture history. has been the chairman of the Boston chapter of the International Laurel and Hardy Society since 1977, and is the longest-tenured chairman in the organization.