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Living on Stage: Acting from the Inside Out - A Practical Process

Living on Stage<br> <em>Acting from the Inside Out: A Practical Process</em> by Walt Witcover Living on Stage: Acting from the Inside Out - A Practical Process
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Author: Walt Witcover
Foreword by: Jerry Stiller
Publisher: Back Stage Books
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 210
Pub. Date: 2004
ISBN-10: 0823028321
ISBN-13: 9780823028320
About the Book:

In Living on Stage, actors are invited to take a private master class with one of America's most beloved and respected coaches. Through vivid, highly descriptive language, Walt Witcover lets readers watch as he coaches a twenty-something student who is stepping on stage for the first time and learning to focus his attention, accomplish simple stage tasks, and eventually, tackle his first monologue. Next, readers watch as this student attempts increasingly difficult tasks: cultivating imagination, dabbling with improvisation, and working with a partner. Finally, readers witness the student learning to combine the emotional life of his character with his own memories and imagination, and experiment with a variety of character exercises. Whether the student is failing miserably or experiencing moments of glory, aspiring actors are acquiring invaluable tools that they can use to launch, or strengthen, their own acting careers.

About the Author:

Walt Witcover, a disciple of Lee Strasberg, is a renowned director, actor, and teacher. The winner of several Obie Awards, he served on the active faculty of HB Studio for 25 years.