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Making a Good Script Great

Making a Good Script Great
Your Price: $19.95 CDN
Author: Linda Seger
Publisher: Silman-James Press
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 252
Pub. Date: 2010
Edition: 3rd
ISBN-10: 1935247018
ISBN-13: 9781935247012

About the Book:

This top selling guide for writers focuses on rewriting – how to solve the script's problems and still preserve the original creativity.

Making a good script great is more than just a matter of putting a good idea on paper. It requires the working and reworking of that idea. Veteran script consultant Linda Seger takes you through the whole screenwriting process – from initial concept through final rewrite – providing specific methods that will help you craft tighter, stronger, and more salable scripts.

Her background in the entertainment business and development makes Linda Seger an excellent resource. While retaining the invaluable insights that placed its first two editions among the all-time most popular screenwriting books, this expanded, revised, and updated third edition of Making A Good Script Great adds rich and important new material on dialogue, cinematic images, and point of view.

If you're writing your first script, Making A Good Script Great will help develop your skills for telling a compelling and dramatic story. If you're a veteran screenwriter, this book will articulate the skills you know intuitively. And if you're currently stuck on a rewrite, this book will help you analyze and solve the problems and get your script back on track.

What people say:

"I found Making a Good Script Great so helpful, specifically your section on the Central Question and on creating scene sequences. I've used those concepts on all my films starting with APOLLO 13." — Ron Howard, Academy Award winning director of A Beautiful Mind

"Making a Good Script Great swill not just help you understand the conventions that make a great script; it will help you put them into practice, challenge those conventions, and force you to ask the hard questions that need asking – without which, no screenplay finds itself. This is a must read for any aspiring screenwriter, as well as the seasoned pro." — Bobby Moresco, Academy Award winning Co-Writer of Crash

"It's as clean as the snap in the back of your throat when you take a swig of ginger ale. As concise as 'Elements of Style' by Strunk and White." — Jon Cohen, writer, Minority Report

"Quite simply, the most brilliant and useful book on screenwriting that I have ever read. Whether you are a working writer or aspiring to be one, this book is, and will continue to be, indispensable." — William Kelley, Academy Award winning Writer of Witness

"I read the first edition of Making a Good Script Great when I was just starting out and found it extremely enlightening. As much as I believe in writing intuitively, when the time comes to cast a critical eye on your work, Linda Seger has created an outstanding field guide to the difficult but essential process of rewriting." — Jim Taylor, Academy Award winning Co-Writer of Sideways

"Linda's book has been extremely helpful to me. Her examination of screenplay structure and character development should be studied by all aspiring and working writers." — Stuart Beattie, Writer of Collateral and Co-Writer of Pirates of the Caribbean

"I wouldn't have been able to get my pen to page without Making a Good Script Great, and this new third edition is better than ever, with fresh examples and updates. If you want to write, you need this book." — Ellen Sandler, Writer-Producer, Co-Executive Producer of Everybody Loves Raymond

About the Author:

Linda Seger is an American author and retired screenwriting consultant. With a doctorate in drama, she created and defined the job of script consultant when she began her business in 1981, based on a method for analyzing scripts she developed for her dissertation project about the elements needed to make a script work. Since then, she has consulted on over 2000 scripts, including over 100 produced films.

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