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Making Your Film For Less Outside the U.S.

Making Your Film For Less Outside the U.S.
Your Price: $21.95 CDN
Author: Mark DeWayne
Publisher: Allworth Press
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 259
Pub. Date: 2006
ISBN-10: 1581152159
ISBN-13: 9781581152159

About the Book:

At last, Making Your Film For Less Outside the U.S. is a definitive step-by-step guide that explains everything needed to successfully produce and distribute films overseas.

Frustrated by growing production costs? Following the advice found in this step-by-step guide, directors, producers, screenwriters, and actors will learn how to turn their film projects from a dream to reality for less money and with greater creative control by producing overseas. The author Mark DeWayne provides advice for success on:
• Writing for overseas production
• Budgeting and scheduling
• Scouting and assessing exotic locations
• Working with foreign censors
• Arranging for accommodations and office rental
• Renting equipment
• Avoiding scams
• Working with digital equipment
• Capitalizing on the American Film Market (AFM) and foreign film festivals

In-depth interviews with nine entertainment industry veterans who have worked in Canada, Mexico, England, France, Bulgaria, South Africa, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Australia, and Thailand reveal how costs can be dramatically decreased by producing internationally without sacrificing the quality of the film. Featuring easy-to-follow sample budgets that offer cost-cutting tips on everything from transportation, location fees, wardrobe, hair and makeup, catering, and equipment, this definitive resource teaches beginning and professional filmmakers alike how to benefit from working outside the United States.

What people say:

"With his emphasis on first-hand accounts from the front-lines of international production and co-financing, Mark DeWayne's highly accessible primer serves as a much-needed introduction to the complexities of shooting feature films abroad — and issues a salutory warning to all those would-be US filmmakers who venture overseas without adequate preparation." — Screen International

"This long-overdue manual contains a wealth of practical advice for producers, directors and all independent moviemakers shooting for an international edge." — Moviemaker Magazine

About the Author:

Mark DeWayne is an international production consultant who specializes in helping producers and writers advance their projects. He is the founder of Reserved Productions, a Thailand-based consulting and scouting company, and has founded and promoted countless networking events in the United States. Mark has written, produced, and directed three documentaries, and has served as stunt coordinator for commercials, features, and live performances. He lives in Thailand.