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Managing Multimedia Projects

Managing Multimedia Projects
Your Price: $32.95 CDN
Author: Roy Strauss
Publisher: Focal Press
Format: Softcover
# of Pages: 224
Pub. Date: 1997
ISBN-10: 0240802446
ISBN-13: 9780240802442

About the Book:

Managing Multimedia Projects provides a solid framework for managing all types of multimedia projects, from simple presentations to custom kiosk displays, retail digital media, and web sites. This book shows how to manage the project dimensions, plan and schedule projects, do cost estimations and budgeting, organize and run development teams, work in both external and internal development situations, and understand multimedia technologies and tools.

By focusing on multimedia as software, and using a software development approach, Roy Strauss offers you some proven strategies, based on well-tested software development techniques that can be adapted and used for any multimedia project. Managing Multimedia Projects guides you through the software development process and also contains special chapters on selecting the right development tool, and contracting with external developers. This book prepares you to develop a high-quality program, on time and on budget.

About the Author:

Roy Strauss has been involved in training development, multimedia, and web site design for over 20 years, and believes learners are entitled to engaging and energizing learning experiences that provide them with real skills they can immediately apply to their jobs. He has published two books on the subject of project management and website development, along with numerous articles on instructional design and development. He founded Cedar Interactive in 1998 to help organizations improve performance through the appropriate application of learning technology.